WPTidBits is Ready to Rock

I know this sounds crazy cause i am not a rock star. I am just a plain simple guy to take small part in the evolving wordpress blogging world. With my few years of experience, i am ready to share what i learned, found and master with wordpress. For those pro out there, do teach me if you have time (bet you don’t), and correct me if i’m wrong. I am still eager to learn the essence of mastering wordpress. So here it is what i am officially ready to share.

The Name

WPTidBits came from the WordPress word and Tidbits word. It resembles tidbits of my experience, small but useful and tasty.

The Platform

WordPress is currently one of the best Blog Tool and Publishing Platform. I use this since 2003 when i was in college. (It was installed locally on my cheap laptop).  Now on Siteground.com server.


Of course the main purpose of this site is fully devoted to WordPress and very small part that may be out of topic. On top of that, i want to develop and improve myself and share with others that may need info about WordPress.


Simple and understandable. Using simple theme and easy navigation. We serve tutorials, findings, latest technology, web trends, inspirational sites and others that may attract or make you go away. We use English language (correct me if i’m wrong because english is not my first language).

Future Plan

You tell me what i need to add. Hopefuly i will consider.


  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Dreamweaver CS4
  • My boss (for not knowing the office hour wasted that i spent to make this site)
  • My 2000 BC homemade PC
  • My wife and Kids
  • Other sites that may have same features as this site (they’re truly inspirational, Thanks!)