24 Cool Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshop

Effects, lightings, dimensions, blurry, backgrounds and many other situation that we may see in a picture describes thousand of words. Some photos might be confusing and deceiving us whether it has been artificially altered by digital technology such as photoshop or not. Believe me some photos are just amazing without relying on photoshop at all.

Source: abmiller99

Source: abmiller99

Source: Airplane Stunt

Source: Alexandre Duarte

Source: Auto Photo

Source: Li Wei Art

Source: Ball of City

Source: Dali Building

Source: Dean Potter

Source: Headless Horse

Source: Ice Cream

Source: Jumping

Source: Life Creations

Source: Lorenia

Source: Mac Computer

Source: Magic Tap

Source: Mr Fly

Source: Sleeping On Heaven

Source: Stuant63

Source: Thanh

Source: Toastforbrekkie

Source: Toastforbrekkie

Source: Victoria Falls

Source: Zaebroid