38 Realistic Digital Art Portraits

Nowadays it can be confused to differentiate whether it is real or not, when our digital animation and still image technologies are capable of generating real life alike object so easily using certain kind of software. In movies, games, animation and comic books, hand-made object is no more preferable. We came across few images that captured our interest proving digital art is the new real life actor.

Old Samurai Beautiful CG Frankenstein Barack Obama Stifled Smile Think Pink Last Elf Commander Malcolm X Russle Crowe Nefertiti Artist Himself Sgt Rock La Espera Barack Obama Flag Imam Khomaini Muriel Kid Purple Haired Girl Pink Sugar Driver 4 Character European Girl Girl Executioner The Final Battle Biker Girl Black & White Portrait Black Haired Woman Burning Heat Gangsta Game Character Old Man Hat Pointsman Nicolas cage Berret Woman Brunette Woman Sunglass Girl Jenny Patient Young Princess

via DesignrFx