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In this submit posts page we encourage visitors, techies, developers, readers and fans to submit any interesting post that we all can share together. We do not want to limit our content only to WordPress niche alone.


Your post can be related to the following:

  1. Web development (web design, themes, HTML, CSS, jQuery, javascript, PHP, WordPress, CMS, Plugins, hacks and etc.)
  2. Photography, digital, design, 3d, collections of inspirational images and etc.
  3. Gadgets, mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux, tech tips, configurations etc.
  4. Tips, SEO, starting a website, revenue tips, basic, advance, expert, twitter, google, facebook etc.
  5. Any other related that seems relevant to this site. Just submit them, we’ll decide later.

We bet you seriously know what we mean. Please do not spam, no hate, no illegal things, no gambling, no porn or terrorism related posts allowed. All posts will be moderated, and approved if suitable. We deserved the rights to edit, remove, reject or change the category, and assign the tags of your post submission in any way we think suitable.

We divided the submission into four categories:

  1. Premium (anything paid and premium content such as premium themes, premium icons and paid services, .etc)
  2. Freebies (everything free such as free icons, free themes, free contests, .etc)
  3. Tutorials (All how to’s)
  4. Articles and News (technology news, gadget news, wordpress news, .etc you think related)


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