4 Free Tools To Create Bootable Windows 7/Vista/XP/Linux USB Flash Pen Drives

Computers may come in many sizes nowadays and some of them do not have any cd or dvd drive to boot windows or linux installer. This may quite a pain and troublesome. However, there are actually many tools to do this without requiring any cd or dvd drive, whether free or paid software tools. What we need is a USB Flash Pen Drives. In this post, we list four free tools to create bootable windows 7/vista/XP/Linux using USB flash pen drives.


This is one of the best tool available to create bootable windows of all version (XP, Vista and 7) and linux (most type of linux distributions)



This tool currently only supports windows XP, Vista and windows 7.


Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool:

This is a special tool free provided from Microsoft itself to create bootable windows 7. We have tried that it also supports 64 bit windows 7.



This tool is one of the least popular, but very useful when you need it to create bootable windows like windows 2003 and 2000, and also supports windows 7, vista and XP.