12 Simple Rules for Selecting the Right Domain Name

We came across a useful site which has a great list of tips to follow when coming up with choosing the right domain names, check it out:

  1. Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords

  2. Make the Domain Unique

  3. Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains

  4. Make it Easy to Type

  5. Make it Easy to Remember

  6. Keep the Name as Short as Possible

  7. Create and Fulfill Expectations

  8. Avoid Copyright Infringement

  9. Set Yourself Apart with a Brand

  10. Reject Hyphens and Numbers

  11. Don’t Follow the Latest Trends

  12. Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool:

    Well it does not have to be ajax, non-ajax site also works the same.

Most of those rules are quite straight forward and easy to understand, but you can read a complete description of them here.