Hi, welcome to WPTidBits – WordPress TidBits and Web Design Resource. We hope you enjoy all information published on our website. We’re a dedicated team of writers and are always open for suggestions, new informations sharing or guest writers/guest posts.

What WPTidBits is About

WPTidBits is a website that focuses mainly on WordPress development and very small part of issues that may be out-of -topic. It may include tutorials, web trends, general news and technology, how to’s and list of inspirational sites on the net. The content may inspired from the existing post from other sites (reviewed and post with credits back to its author), but not copied and some may as well come purely from our small brain.

We would love to share all the experience and findings that we discovered along all the time with WordPress blogging platform (the plugins, how to install, jquery implementation, themes, etc). We hope that it may benefit you all and improve ourselves.

Suggestion & Submission

We are widely open to any suggestion, critics, new ideas, and post contribution. Just simply contact us and we will be in touch.