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    2011 Roundup for WPTidBits

    2011 has left us with full of memories either being happy or sad. WPTidBits itself grows to a level that we can never imagine. We are looking to the future potential of how WPTidBits can become. Let see the roundup of 2011 with WPTidBits.

    Overall, WPTidbits has published 12 articles for the year 2011. It is very less compared to 2010 with 47 articles published. Check the full archives.

    What will be there for us in 2012? Let see what we have in 2011 first.

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    Articles of 2011:


    1. 38 Realistic Digital Art Portraits
    2. 10 Simple Tips for Taking Beautiful Portraits Photo
    3. Another 30 Realistic Digital Art Portraits


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    1. 12 Simple Rules for Selecting the Right Domain Name
    2. 250 Complete List of Ping/Update Services


    1.  15 Useful Tools for Cross Browser Compatibility Test
    2. 30 Useful WordPress Plugins Used By WPTidBits


    1.  How to Optimise Photo Printing


    1.  30 Places to Create Your Websites for Free


    1.  20 Creative Example of Blog Bio Pages


    1. WPTidBits now featuring CSS3, HTML5 and Fluid & Responsive Design
    2. Hologram Technology has Become Reality

    Google Pagerank

    WPTidBits pagerank increased from PR2 at early 2011 to PR4 somewhere in end of October 2011.


    We have diversified our contents to cater visitors and search engine’s demand for quality and useful content. Previously the categories were almost confusing, and now the categories have been revamped to smaller and focused categories.

    To have more control with search engine optimization, we have change from using AIO SEO to WPSEO by Yoast.

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    Also we change the theme design suitable for various resolutions with light background.

    Traffic and Visitors

    Still we are learning and improving our content to increase unique visitors and hits. With very less article updates, we only able to get average 5k-8k per month according to sitemeter. There was a slight decrease in December due to the change of our url with 301 redirection. Eventually we hope it will increase again.

    2012 Resolutions

    We have targets and mission for 2012. Those are:

    1. To get to PR6 from PR4
    2. Increase site visitors from 8k per month to at least 50k per month. More is better. 100k hits and visitors maybe?
    3. Frequent article updates. At least 3 articles per week. That means about 150 articles for 2012.
    4. More contribution articles from guest authors.


    Are you one of our frequent visitor? Do bookmark and follow us. Thank you for your great support in 2011.


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