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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resource no.1

    Started from this week we will be featuring a new type of article which presents a small list of useful resources and web designs that we found across the web. From it we hope they can be of inspirational and reference for designers, web developers and newbies like us. Together let see what is inside for us.

    Articles from WPTidBits

    22 Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Layout

    Future Touchscreen to have Texture Sense

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    36 Cartoon Style Website Design for Inspirations

    The Best Milky Way Video Taken with Digital Camera

    Interesting Web Designs and Resource

    Articles Resource

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    35 Fabulous Fresh Free Fonts

    Responsive Design in 3 Steps

    Creating Pixel-Perfect UI for iPhone Applications

    jQuery Mobile Tutorials – December 2011

    Creating a powerful mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JQuery

    Web Design Inspirations

    Dulla – The New Game for Your iPad


    Viljami Salminen – Responsive Design

    Champion Boxing Fitness

    Francesco Mugnai


    Wait and see what we will have for next week. Enjoy!


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