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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resource no.8

    Continuation from last week, this week we should be featuring another small list of useful resources and web designs that we found across the web. From it we hope they can be of inspirational and reference for designers, web developers and newbies like us.

    Unfortunately, because of few important reasons that we faced this week, we were unable to provide enough content according to plan.

    Do not worry. WPTidbits does not stop here. Still it is running like usual. Let just wait and see what we will have next week.

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    Special announcement:

    One of the beautiful thing happen to us (Admin) this week is to welcome a newborn child. A baby boy on 5th March 2012. His name yet to decide. May his existence will continuously motivate and inspiring us to work harder and constantly share all the knowledge and happiness that we have to all.

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