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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resource no.18 and 19

    Continuation from previous weeks, this week we should be featuring another small list of useful links and web design resource that we found across the web and somewhat from our own posts. From it we hope they can be of inspirational and reference for designers, web developers and newbies. Herewith we revised what happened in these last two weeks.

    Articles from WPTidBits

    8 Simple Tips to Reduce and Optimize Website Loading Time

    Augmented Reality Google Glass Project is All Hype?

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    Enable PHP LDAP Module in XAMPP

    IT can now manage RIM, iOS and Android from BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

    40 Most Inspiring CSS3 Animation Tutorials and Demos

    Interesting Web Design Resource

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    Create CSS 3D Transform Card Flip Gallery

    Underwater Hotel in Dubai

    50 Best Night Shots from Canon 7D



    Converge SE 2012



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