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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resource no.27

    Continuation from last week, this week we are featuring small list of useful links and web design resource that we found across the web and several posts from our own. Wee hope they can be of inspirational and reference for designers, web developers and newbies. Herewith we revised what happened in these week of 27.

    Articles from WPTidBits

    Web Designing Tips – A Website That Meets Users’ Expectations

    Main Reasons of Project Failure

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    Pros and Cons of Hosted and Self-Hosted WordPress Website

    Visitor Submitted Posts

    The Psychology of Colors in Design

    35 Fresh & Inspirational HTML5 Portfolio Websites

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    105+ Ultimate Collections of Photoshop Tutorials

    Derivative Design Concepts – Drop it like a Bad Habit

    Mahutolis Magazine Free WordPress Theme

    Rutherfordiumy Free WordPress Theme

    Interesting Web Design Resource & Inspiration

    East Works Leather Company

    Open 121



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