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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources no.35

    We have reached week 35 and this site is growing in terms of numbers of article published and number of readers. We hope that it will not stops here. Our future plan is to provide more tutorial articles and how to’s so that our knowledge and experiences will be of good use to all readers. Although our main niche is “web design resources”, we hope that other categories may provide you with variety of options and refreshing information.  Now let see what we have in this week no. 35.

    WPTidBits Authored Articles

    1. – Best Way to Start Your Blogging Career

    2. Different Ways and Useful Apps to Solve Metric Conversions

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    3. Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android on Google Play

    4. What To Expect In iPhone 5

    5. Samsung Exynos 5 Dual CPU: Mobile Computing for the Future

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    Visitors Submitted Articles

    1. Einsteiniumist Free WordPress Theme

    2. Folisteros Mag Free WordPress Theme

    3. Protecting Nature Free WordPress Theme

    4. Top 5 Available Open Source eCommerce CMS

    5. Creativa Free WordPress Theme

    6. WonderMag Premium WordPress Theme

    7. Tanamero Mag Free WordPress Theme

    Some useful Web Design Resources & Inspirations

    1. OOPM Creative

    2. Tombras Digital Designer Jobs

    3. OATBook

    4. MahiFX


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