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    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources no.36, 37, 38 and Monthly Roundup of September 2012

    Oh my. Three weeks has passed since we updated weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources. And we also already entered new month, October 2012. So that means this week we will sum up all those three weeks that we left. Hopefully all the articles and design we presented will be of useful to you. Now let see what we have in this week for Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources no.36, 37, 38 and Monthly roundup of September 2012.

    WPTidBits Articles

    Technology Designed for The Future

    Easy Customization With WordPress

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    Activate New Attractive Twitter Profile Header Image

    Best 5 Ways Technology Has Improved Satellite TV Service for Youth

    Why To Learn HTML: Top Reasons To Learn

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    Things to Ask When Choosing a Data Center

    SEO for Entrepreneurs

    4 Reasons Why Web Designers Love WordPress

    Giveaway #2: UKHosting Halloween Competition

    Other articles in September 2012:

    Four Tips to Make Your e-Commerce Website The Next Big Thing in Online-Retail – Best Way to Start Your Blogging Career

    Different Ways and Useful Apps to Solve Metric Conversions

    Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android on Google Play

    What To Expect In iPhone 5

    Samsung Exynos 5 Dual CPU: Mobile Computing for the Future

    Visitor Submitted Articles

    Californiumite Free WordPress Theme

    SuperFolio Premium WordPress Theme

    25 Glamorous Creative Fashion Websites Design

    Berkeliumist Free WordPress Theme

    Naturali Magazine Free WordPress Theme

    45 Best Inspirational Examples of HTML5 Websites

    Brilliant City Neon Background Vector

    Astonishing Battle Artworks

    Fix the Cross Browser Compatibility Issues With These Tips

    GreyMetal Free WordPress Theme

    50+ Amazing Weekly Website Designs

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    Native American Vector Art Graphics

    Free Vector London and Paris, a Symbol of Stamps

    Free Vector Style Halloween

    Fankolinus Mag Free WordPress Theme

    Curiumite Free WordPress Theme

    Other submitted articles in September 2012:

    Einsteiniumist Free WordPress Theme

    Folisteros Mag Free WordPress Theme

    Protecting Nature Free WordPress Theme

    Top 5 Available Open Source eCommerce CMS

    Creativa Free WordPress Theme

    WonderMag Premium WordPress Theme

    Tanamero Mag Free WordPress Theme

    Some useful Web Design Resources & Inspirations


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