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    WPTidBits is Ready for Socials

    Yes. That is how we say it. We are now ready for socializing with our visitors. With many simple features and buttons which you may find in this blog, we can easily interact with each other, sharing and get to know latest information from sharing. Follow us how to socialize with WPTidBits..

    News Submission

    We have integrated one plugin that enable visitors to submit any useful and suitable articles that will require moderation before being shared with our readers in a special community news page. Luckily, some links may be featured on our post, or shared in facebook, twitter or digg. Hopefully both sides gain profits from this sharing.

    You can also submit news from below form:

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    To view submissions, go to Community News Page.

    Follow WPTidBits Updates

    On top of the sidebar, we have RSS Feedlink, Google Feedburner, Email Subscription, Facebook WPTidBits Fan Page and Twitter. We hope that our loyal visitor may follow our latest posts and great offers from time to time.

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    Join Our Social Pages

    This is one of our request. We are quite green and still have long journey to catch great blogs like Mashable, WPRecipes, Web Designer Wall or any other experts out there. But we believe they also started small like us. So support us to built our names. Do join our twitter, Facebook Fan Page and Google Buzz Profile. We will try our best to serve our readers with memorable and useful contents.

    Share Our Posts

    We believed on one phrase “loving is sharing”. On each of our post, we have ready share button for readers which are generous enough and interested with our posts. We hope that visitors can spread the words and tell about us. You can find them on left side of post and most below of each post. Thanks!

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    Enjoy the site!

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    Owner of WPTidBits. Totally in love with WordPress!


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