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    5 WordPress Themes and Plugins that will rule in 2014

    As a leading CMS (Content Management System), WordPress has definitely been successful in winning the hearts of millions and millions of website owners all...

    20 Best Cherry Framework Templates for WordPress

    20 Best Cherry Framework Templates for WordPress These days new websites show up nearly every second, and redesigning a company website at least once in...

    Divi Theme Launch for Developer Subscriptions Giveaway at Elegant Themes

    In conjunction with the Elegant Themes latest launch WordPress theme, namely Divi, we are giving away two Developer Subscriptions valued at $89 each for premium access to Elegant Themes gallery. The giveaway starts on historical date 11.12.13 and ends on 31.12.13. Simply likes, follow and tweet about the giveaway and Elegant Themes pages, everyone will have their fair chance to win. Winners will be selected and announced on the end date.

    7 Amazing Corporate WordPress Themes

    WordPress is not only a great platform for building blogs, but also for creating corporate and business websites. Here are some of the best WordPress themes which you can use to build a business or corporate site.

    15 of the Best Tutorials to Learn WordPress Theme Development

    Now, there is a sea of impressive WordPress themes available out there, and you are most likely to find one that suits what you have in your mind for your blog. But, WordPress also powers you with the capability to create your own themes or go for custom WordPress plugin development. And in this write-up, we throw some light on the tutorials that help you on how to go about learning WordPress without getting caught up in the intricacies of technology.

    5 Awesome WordPress Profanity Filter Plugins

    Anyone who owns a WordPress site is likely to have issues with profanity at one time or another. Having profane words on your site is likely to put off some readers who might leave and never return. A reduced level of traffic means loss of potential sales for businesses and companies. Here are some great WordPress plugins which can help you deal with the problem of profanity.

    WordPress Tips for the Non-Techie

    There are an infinite number of ways to use the WordPress platform for promoting a business or increasing brand visibility around a set of products or services. Some of these uses of WordPress rely on the webmaster setting it up being relatively savvy in implementing custom code or workarounds to make it more effective for search, surfing or overall presentation. But what about those managers who aren’t techies but want to make sure that the basics are covered? Here are three simple ways to improve a WordPress-powered site without delving into very involved coding or programming.

    How to Design a Killer WordPress Website Without Breaking the Bank

    Cheap websites look unprofessional and are downright simple. Thankfully, with the evolution of technologies, a lot of companies offer free web hosting providing you the opportunity to choose a design for your website that will be professional even if you restricted by budget.

    7 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Productive

    Wordpress is one of the most easy to use and manageable content management systems one could use for his or her website. Developers around the globe contribute to plugins, themes, tools, and more to help anyone build an attractive and feature rich site. However, installing Wordpress doesn't mean that visitors will come flocking to the blog or that a steady stream of money will come trickling in. A constant vigil needs to be upheld in order to drive traffic and make money.

    Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Run Nice and Smooth

    Many times, self-hosted WordPress Sites have a tendency to run a bit slower that visitors and site owners would like. This is especially true when the site has a large volume of traffic each day. Quite a few different things can contribute to a site running slowly, but it is something that users truly hate.

    Expanding Business with WordPress!

    WordPress development has opened many new opportunities for business owners. Many industrialists have realized that expansion is the key to success. Therefore apart from their main business they are also starting up a side business as a WordPress development company. Following are a few things that you must keep in mind if you wish to have a great business in the WordPress development market and how to expand business with WordPress!

    4 Reasons Why Web Designers Love WordPress

    Even though web designers have the knowledge and talent to build websites from scratch, many still enjoy using WordPress. This is because the web software allows designers to create web sites that are high-quality without doing as much work. In addition to being a cheaper alternative to other website-building programs, below are four more reasons why web designers love WordPress.