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    How to Design a Killer WordPress Website Without Breaking the Bank

    Cheap websites look unprofessional and are downright simple. Thankfully, with the evolution of technologies, a lot of companies offer free web hosting providing you the opportunity to choose a design for your website that will be professional even if you restricted by budget.

    7 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Productive

    Wordpress is one of the most easy to use and manageable content management systems one could use for his or her website. Developers around the globe contribute to plugins, themes, tools, and more to help anyone build an attractive and feature rich site. However, installing Wordpress doesn't mean that visitors will come flocking to the blog or that a steady stream of money will come trickling in. A constant vigil needs to be upheld in order to drive traffic and make money.

    Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Run Nice and Smooth

    Many times, self-hosted WordPress Sites have a tendency to run a bit slower that visitors and site owners would like. This is especially true when the site has a large volume of traffic each day. Quite a few different things can contribute to a site running slowly, but it is something that users truly hate.

    Expanding Business with WordPress!

    WordPress development has opened many new opportunities for business owners. Many industrialists have realized that expansion is the key to success. Therefore apart from their main business they are also starting up a side business as a WordPress development company. Following are a few things that you must keep in mind if you wish to have a great business in the WordPress development market and how to expand business with WordPress!

    4 Reasons Why Web Designers Love WordPress

    Even though web designers have the knowledge and talent to build websites from scratch, many still enjoy using WordPress. This is because the web software allows designers to create web sites that are high-quality without doing as much work. In addition to being a cheaper alternative to other website-building programs, below are four more reasons why web designers love WordPress.

    Easy Customization With WordPress

    Initially WordPress software tool was developed for blog but now its use has become extensive. It is a free software program that is web based used for creating and maintaining websites and blogs. It is said that WordPress is a content management system (CMS) means it allow its users to setup, update, manage and maintain the websites very easily. It also has build templates that is convenient for the users. It is free and daily thousands of customers use it. It won awards as content management system previously. Its advantage is that you can switch the themes whenever you want.

    5 Tips That Will Save Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked

    Google identifies about 10 000 infected websites every day, and 4000 of them are legitimate sites that are compromised by hackers. The most vulnerable websites are those of the small companies, and those generally don’t have the needed expertise and software to prevent those kinds of attacks. The small companies can record great loses, especially if their websites would get on the Blacklist of Google because of hacking. This is why it is important to protect your website from those possible attacks and being hacked. – Best Way to Start Your Blogging Career

    It is valuable to make your blog or website with According to - "Almost everything on is free, and things that are currently free will remain free in the future,.." So, follow these easy steps to get started with your own first blogging career.

    10 High Quality Premium WordPress Themes

    When it comes to efficient open source blogging, nothing other than WordPress could strike our minds. So, WordPress! What is so special about it? WordPress is not just an open source blogging platform but a dynamic content management system that works on PHP and MySQL. With its major users being world-wide bloggers, WordPress is continuing to withhold the very same popularity it had gained right from its emergence. In addition to being a successful blogging platform, WordPress happens to be an exposure to various WordPress themes designed by several sources. There are several thousands of WordPress themes so far but not all has got enough fame. Though there are a number of free themes offered, they are not trust-worthy as premium themes. Premium themes come in different rates, but not more than $100 anytime. Listed are few high quality premium wordpress themes.

    Pros and Cons of Hosted and Self-Hosted WordPress Website

    WordPress is a free, open-source blogging application that allows you to create your own site and get it up and running in minutes. Blogging is what WordPress really is about. Those who simply want to express how they feel about stuff or share to people what you know about WordPress is the right tool for the job. WordPress for creating a blog is free, but when you want a more customized business site or shopping site, you need to pay a particular fee for it.

    How to Display Backslash Character in WordPress

    By default wordpress post editor is allowing forward slash character to be displayed in wordpress post as we normally use it for displaying links. But how to display backslash character in wordPress post when we require it for expressing directory paths which will only use backslash? Let us see the simplest way how to display backslash character in wordPress post.

    47 of the Best Dark and Black Free WordPress Themes

    Portfolio site works well with dark and black colored themes. Using a dark Wordpress theme can be very effective as they may look to stand out more and at the same time give the site an elegant and sophisticated look. Only somehow we have to be very careful with readability issues with dark themes and make sure the text color selected is suitable with backgrounds. Anyway, finding free Wordpress theme is a time-taking job as you have to devote time to find the best themes. Check out this awesome list 47 of the best dark and black free Wordpress themes we gathered only for your use. Plus if they're completely free, you have nothing to lose.