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    Optimizing WordPress Title

    This might be known to most WordPress developer that sensitive with search engine optimization for WordPress title. But for newbies, this will be useful and should always be taken into account when developing a WordPress theme. Without using any plugin this hack is very essential.

    30 Useful WordPress Plugins Used By WPTidBits

    There are too many useful WordPress plugins out there which provides different purpose and different benefits. To reach this far, we are using some of those many useful plugins that cover four areas of WordPress which are Search Engine Optimization, Security, Posting and Commenting, Social and Bookmarking. We are proud to share 30 useful WordPress plugins which is being used by WPTidBits as of date.

    Must Know: Things To Do After Installing WordPress

    Installing wordpress is quite an easy task to do. It can be done in less than two minutes. However, the most crucial things to consider in installing wordpress are after installing itself. It can assure you to sit comfortably while leaving your site running smoothly without any worries of being hacked, spammed and exploited. Not only that, your site visitors can browse happily while your site looks nice, organized and neat.

    Install WordPress Locally on Your Computer Using XAMPP

    Wordpress is the most popular blogging tools available to create beautiful website or blog. One of the main reasons is that it is free and priceless at the same time. The availability of enormous themes and plugins on the net makes it more valuable and easy to use. To run it we need a web server that can support web applications and it might not be free to have it. However there is a simple way that we can run wordpress locally on any computer without the need for us to pay a cent.

    Display Random Post in WordPress Sidebar

    We have been using plugins to display random posts on our sidebar. As all may have known, avoiding the use of plugins may decrease the loading speed of any wordpress website. We have started using these very simple line of codes just to make that happen. So how do we display random posts in Wordpress sidebar without any plugins?

    21 Most Popular .htaccess Hacks for WordPress

    .htaccess, the file which controls the Apache webserver behavior, is very useful and allows us to do a lot of things, mostly for security reasons. Now let's see how these most popular .htaccess hacks can help us with our WordPress blog for security, functionality and usability.

    Highlight Search Terms Using jQuery

    One way to spice up the search page is to highlight the search terms within the search results. The way described in this tutorial is using jQuery and will highlight both title and post content.

    How To Put Text Inside WordPress Search Forms

    Many free themes or blog templates out there comes with default search forms that has empty field without any text in its input area. We believe this is fine, but you can see that many themes also have already started to put default text inside the search form field.It has already become a web 2.0 trends and not just being used in search forms but other form fields also.

    Save Time Using WordPress Shortcodes

    Some repetitive task like twitter code addition in every post may be troublesome for us. There is a simple way that we can do by typing something like [shortcode]. This allowing us to call a php function in any place of the site and saves time. Continue read on to find how to use them.

    Disable Comments and Pingbacks in Old Posts

    Somehow after a period of long time, we still receiving comments and trackbacks for our old wordpress posts. This maybe troublesome for us to approve if it is require moderation and moreover if they are likely more to spams and hot-linking only. However, the is an easy hack where you can disable comments and trackbacks after a certain period the post was published.

    How to Override the Page or Slug Permalinks in WordPress

    Permalink or slug is one of the most important entity of search engine's 'main food' which they will prioritize and then index it for searching. A good slug or permalink may bring more visibility to search engines and that is what we already know about. But sometime we may facing trouble in updating permalink or slug, even after we delete the page or post in Wordpress. Let see how we can fix this..

    Display Multiple Ads After Any Post Number

    Sometime we may need to add an advertisement or adsense ads after our first post. That is quite easy to do. However, how if we want to add multiple advertisements after certain number of posts? See how it can be done..