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    Customize WordPress Login Logo With Your Own Logo

    At login page into Wordpress admin, we may see same default wordpress logo. This may be boring for some people. Using different logo can give added value and expressing the identity of certain website, while it may means nothing at all. Anyway, in order to customize wordpress login page logo into your own logo can be achieve in two ways.

    Increase Timeout for Slow Server

    It is already known that Wordpress has built-in auto download and install feature. It is very convenient to have. However, for some reasons, we might be facing error timeout. Wordpress do not manage to get updated automatically, or not happening at all. One problem might because of slow server.

    Limit WordPress Excerpt by Word Count

    Rather than using normal Wordpress default excerpt function, which we specified how many words will appear according to what we have typed, we can limit the_excerpt() or get_the_excerpt() by a specific word count for all posts.

    How to Exclude Pages from Search Results

    By default, all the search results from Wordpress will include pages and posts. However, we might want to be able to exclude pages from the search results, and bring results only from posts. To change this default behavior, it is actually quite simple.

    Make Your Title Tag SEO Friendly Manually

    Wordpress title tag plays important role of making your site more visible and SEO friendly, so that it can tell the search engine spider of what your site is about and allows your site to be indexed to the relevant search terms and keywords. There are other ways of customizing your site's template or theme title tag for SEO friendly manually rather than using plugins that are many available today. Follow these simple steps.

    How to Create SEO Friendly Search URL

    Mostly, whenever we searched for any keyword in a website search box, it will redirect us to a search results page with unfriendly search urls. Usually these kind of url does not make any sense to us and quite confusing for us to read. However, there is a simple plugin that may solve this problem and gets us a more SEO friendly search url.

    How to Separate Comments and Trackbacks

    Most of wordpress default theme post or page will have comments and trackbacks in the same list. Sometime we can never differentiate between those two. Simply to make them more organize, there is a way to separate between comments and trackbacks. In order for commenters to have a clear picture of what is comment and what is not, prepare your favorite editor and here we go.

    Protect WordPress Against Malicious URL Requests

    Around early September last year, many Wordpress sites were infected with malicious codes. It appeared in many forms and attacked certain files such as index.php, wp-config.php and etc. Removing the injected line of malicious codes manually and updating Wordpress to the newest version was some of the only way to recover. Recently, we came across this one plugin that may prevent those from happening again. Keep reading..

    15 Useful Source of WordPress Theme Framework

    Designing a wordpress theme might be troublesome to several kind of people. Not all of us know how to code whether in html, css, php, java, image creation and so on. Worry no more. There are tools and basic templates ready to use on the fly. Just may need some customization and modification. Open your mind, learn, improve and ready to become pro.

    Another 21 Outstanding Websites that Use WordPress

    As the name stated, wordpress is a very powerful tools for blogging. Not only for that, with a little bit of innovation, the possibility is limitless. Listed in this post is another 21 outstanding websites that use wordpress as their platform. Enjoy!

    Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

    While we were busy linking to a site's post, responding and leaving comments, we might wonder amongst all those comments, which are the authors comments and which are visitors comments. It should be easy to differentiate the two sides. If you have a wordpress website, this can be done easily using simple wordpress hacks.

    Adding Numbers to WordPress Comments

    It might be useful if we can add numbering to a wordpress comment so that we may be able to count of how many comments we obtained. Not to only us but also to the visitors who left their comments. Here is how we can add numbers to wordpress comments.