Hologram Technology has Become Reality

    Developed by DisplAir Air Touch System, a display technology manufacturer from Russia, the star wars hologram technology is no more mission impossible. Using thin layer of air technology, they bring colored images with touch display technology which is already available in today most touch smartphones. It also supports multi-touch, scaling, rotating and able to distinguish up to 1500 simultaneous touches.

    20 Creative Example of Blog Bio Pages

    Every website must have its own reason to exist. The main owner, authors involved and whatever the mission it is going to accomplish usually will be kept informed somewhere. For this purpose, there will be a very important information page that each website visitor are going to view. The "About" page. Not only this page will provide all of the above but also their contacts and social networks. Herewith we bring you twenty creative example of blog bio pages with different presentation for your inspiration.

    30 Places to Create Your Websites for Free

    Nowadays it is quite easy to own whether a personal or a business website. You can realize that by hiring the web developer or to create them by your own. However there are much and many easy ways available today. Without any web developing knowledge, using simple tools and steps, you can create your own website in less than five minutes. Listed are 30 places that you can create your own websites for free!

    15 Useful Tools for Cross Browser Compatibility Test

    The fact that your website could be viewed one way in Firefox and a completely different way in another browser like Safari can be a stressful thing to cope with. Whether you want it or not you might be struggle in a situation that cross browser compatibility is a must. It may be because part of your visitors still consist of ´╗┐non-Firefox users and it could be of special request from customer of your website business. Herewith we listed some useful tools for cross browser compatibility test consists of free, paid, full browser and mobile browsers.

    250 Complete List of Ping/Update Services

    Ping update services allow us to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that our blog has been updated. The bigger the ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources. However there are limitations of how many times we can ping those services, otherwise it will end up marking our blog as spam for excessively pinging.

    12 Simple Rules for Selecting the Right Domain Name

    We came across a useful site which has a great list of tips to follow when coming up with choosing the right domain names, check it out:

    Another 30 Realistic Digital Art Portraits

    This is the second series of the first 38 Realistic Digital Art Portraits. We found it is still very unimaginable that real life works can presented almost flawlessly in digital art images and 3d images. One of the best example is the successful movie of Avatar. Now let see these another 30 Realistic Digital Art Portraits.

    38 Realistic Digital Art Portraits

    Nowadays it can be confused to differentiate whether it is real or not, when our digital animation and still image technologies are capable of generating real life alike object so easily using certain kind of software. In movies, games, animation and comic books, hand-made object is no more preferable. We came across few images that captured our interest proving digital art is the new real life actor.

    20 Website Speed and Performance Checking Tools

    Visitor is traffic. Lots of visitors, then there will be lots of traffic. How we can balance this by having other than a high performance server, load balancing, content delivery network and all? In other way, the least we can do is to improve the website itself to the highest optimization where the site can load in a very short time of second, or less. Herewith, we present to you 20 selected website for checking speed and performance of a website.

    Delicious Meal Indeed: Awesome Imagination

    At first glance these images look like real painted landscapes. Look closely! You will see that the sea and storm were made of cabbage, in other photos trees are broccoli and the hills are baked potatoes. Artist Carl Warner, 44, combines several images to create the amazing scenes, including a broccoli forest, bread mountains, cheese village and smoked salmon sea. Let see some of his awesome arts!

    Life After People: Awesome Imagination

    I have always thought how it is going to be when the end of the world did not come at all, instead human race become extinct and the world exists with no human. This sequence of imagination art from Tokyo Genso shows us how the world might be without us.

    Run Web Server on Your Computer Using XAMPP

    More than 50 percent of web server programs being use today are Apache Web Server. One of the main reasons is because it is free! It is widely known that installing manually an apache web server is not an easy task. And it might get harder if we want to add MySQL, PHP and Perl. I believe most of us who are web savvy user know the importance of all these features to run a website. Ok. Leave that behind. Just google it and find the meaning of all these terms. Let see how it goes now.