Use Drag To Share to Submit Posts On Social Sites

    Recently while i was surfing few websites, i came across one feature that i think might be the latest and unique way of sharing post into social websites. Just by hovering the cursor on an image of a post, a 'drag' function will appear. While dragging, few social sites will appear and enabled us to drop the dragged image into it. We will then redirected, to the related social site for login and share the post! Its totally unique!

    26 Top Sources to Find Free Icons Sets

    Icons play its part when expressing the meaning of itself and will gain more the attention of the readers who look at it. Icon makes the site more effective, understandable and reachable. Not only it is use in websites, also in desktops replacing the conventional folder name to express the use of certain folder. Herewith we listed 26 top sources to find free icon sets.

    Useful List of CSS Layout Tools

    A much better, simpler, user-friendly and handy-tools that you can use 'on the fly' for css layout development might make your life easier. Herewith is a useful list of CSS layout tools in brief overview.

    Six Free Alternatives to Dreamweaver

    Have you ever thought of having other web editor than the plain same feature of Dreamweaver and may be compatible with operating system other than Microsoft Windows? Furthermore, what will it be if they are totally free? If yes, your dream have been long came true. There are many web editors available for users out there. Herewith, we listed six free alternatives of web editor other than Adobe Dreamweaver.

    Securing Files Transfer Using Secure FTP

    Again for the third time this site was hacked, along with our other sites and it was really annoying. When you just about to increase your pagerank, hits, visitors and generating useful ideas to be written, they continue to hacked again. So it is time for self-defense. Get some kevlar vest, equipped yourself with facemask, an anti-hack shot to the vein and prepare for total security of your website. Here we go!

    10 Best Website Valuation Tools

    At certain levels, after working so hard writing, publishing, editing, managing and so on you may want to measure how much is the value of your website may worth. There are many sites available for this purpose. For that reason, many factors counted in order to measure the website value.

    25 of The Best Footer Design for Websites

    Website design may affects on visits, hits, page impressions, visitor loyalty, unique hits and so on. Other reason might mostly because of the content and writing in it. However, some new trend is in the website footer that has magic effect on visits, eye-catching design that proposed them to return and get certain information in the footer itself. Follow us on 25 of the best footer design available for visit today.