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    Illuminating The Lives Of The Visually Impaired By Introducing User-Friendly Smartphones

    In recent years developers have introduced smartphones and useful apps which allow the visually impaired to hold private communication with their friends and family....

    7 Non-Sleazy Car Salesmen Tricks That Will Increase Your Social Media Success

    A lot of people seem to hate car salesmen more than any other group of people on the planet. Some are definitely sleazy and...

    Proper Tools And Techniques Can Help In Fast Easy Websites Search

    In this fast pacing world, technology has advanced to an all new level. There are various modern inventions, which are gaining huge importance nowadays...

    Enhance Your Website Performance With A Talented Drupal Developer

    Drupal is indeed the most flexible and scalable content management system on the internet. Thousands of developers and store owners prefer this robust platform...

    The Technologies That Will Change Your Business in the Next Decade

    Technology has already transformed business as we know it and changed it beyond recognition in many cases and many industries. Perhaps the biggest and...

    New Technology: Why it Doesn’t Eliminate the Issue of Security

    Ever get stuck wondering what’s going to pop out next in the world of technology? While Nike is busily working to make our dreams...

    How to restore old photos with Photoshop

    Old photos bring a plethora of memories. However, time wears down these photos.If not preserved appropriately, they are susceptible to damage. Neglect can cause...

    Cloud Computing is Here to Change How Gadgets are Designed & Used

    The way most web applications and gadgets are designed and developed today is sure going to change a lot over the next few years....

    Eye-opening Stats Of Smartphones

    Since the first invention of bulb, to the creation of telegraph and until today's modern technology, one of the fastest technology developed and still increasing is smartphone. Until, we do not realize how fast the smartphones technology has evolved that the truth of this technology is shared in this infographic.

    Top 5 Digital Photography Apps for Your Smartphone

    You cannot compare them with other pictures captured by digital cameras. Here is the solution to this problem. Mentioned below are five best apps that are helpful in digital photography using smartphones.

    How to Make Beautiful Photos if You Do Not Have a Professional Camera

    Usually once a year we have a vacation and go somewhere to distant or not very distant lands. After the journey, it is always great to have beautiful photos, which we can show to our friends and to insert to the album. Unfortunately, even very much expensive cameras are not able to provide interesting snapshots. But cheap and ordinary cameras can create if not masterpieces, but rather worthy photos you know definitely how to do it.

    14 Powerful & Profitable PHP Extensions, Classes & Utilities

    As amongst the most widely used scripting languages, PHP is accredited for developing some of the most feature rich and large scale applications and web platforms in the past. Presently, the demand of PHP development services is ubiquitous and too substantial to be overlooked. Given the present day scenario, we deemed it perfect to introduce a set of PHP based extensions, classes and utilities which serves the greatest value to the website developers, and have been utilized time and again by various developers and development companies.