14 Powerful & Profitable PHP Extensions, Classes & Utilities

    As amongst the most widely used scripting languages, PHP is accredited for developing some of the most feature rich and large scale applications and web platforms in the past. Presently, the demand of PHP development services is ubiquitous and too substantial to be overlooked. Given the present day scenario, we deemed it perfect to introduce a set of PHP based extensions, classes and utilities which serves the greatest value to the website developers, and have been utilized time and again by various developers and development companies.

    Game Developers – Golden Age is Coming for Mobile Gaming

    The introduction of the apps system in mobiles has been the real reason for the success and growth of the mobile games. While earlier the mobiles were preloaded with simple games, the smartphones have given the users the ability to download apps of their choice. These apps can be paid or free but they certainly indicate the popularity of the app giving rise to another sector in the mobile industry, that of mobile advertising.

    Differences from the iPod Touch and the iPad

    Technology is fast moving today, and for many who are just “getting with the times” all of the new devices can be confusing. Here are the main differences between the iPod Touch, also known as the iTouch, and the iPad. Knowing what each offers can help you determine which the best option for your personal needs is.

    Best Free Mobile Security & Antivirus Apps

    Are you a mobile phone user? Worried about the security of your smart-phone? Wondering which anti-virus application available on the various app stores? Looking at the issues rose regarding mobile security, spyware and malware you have to worry about your phone and make sure nothing happens to it. Mobile viruses have been diffusing massively and increasing deeply and so are spyware and malware. In such cases the only thing that can help you is effective anti-virus software to guard you against the countless malware on the internet. Herewith is the best free mobile security & antivirus apps.

    Technology Designed for The Future

    As time elapses technological giants have opted to come up with the best of innovations able to last the test of time. The smart phones are among the most relied on all across the globe for their marvelous features. Other than just being the communication and entertainment gadgets, the smart phones being manufactured at present are meant to redefine technology in all its aspects.

    The Simplest, Most Direct Way to Change a MAC Address

    If you are looking for easy methods to change a MAC address in Windows, this guide can help. The steps described here involve editing the Windows registry. Before you do so, make a backup copy first. Lets proceed with the simplest, most direct way to change a MAC address.

    How to Amplify The 3G Signal Reception?

    If on the way home from work or college you are thinking about what has happened on your favorite blogs during the day, or how many unread messages are in your inbox on Facebook, congratulations, you are an Internet junkie! And if after long hours of work you prefer to stay at home and spend some time watching movies, listening to your favorite music or chatting with friends on Skype and can’t do this because of low reception of 3G Internet, I bet it pisses you off.

    How to Increase Clock Speed of Computer

    Overclocking a computer’s processor or memory causes it to go faster than its factory rated speed. A processor rated at 2.4GHz might be overclocked to 2.5GHz or 2.6GHz, while memory rated at 200MHZ might be pushed to 220MHz or higher. The extra speed results in more work being done by the processor and, or memory in a given time, increasing the overall computing performance of the PC. This article will guide you through each step of overclocking your CPU for faster processing speeds which will increase clock speed of your computer.

    Photography Basics: Understanding The Power Of The Depth Of Field

    The expression ‘Pictures say a thousand words’ was not started without reason. In today’s visually charged digital world of Pinterest and other photo sharing sites, visitors to the World Wide Web have come to expect a certain level of graphic images on the websites they visit. In WordPress, adding images is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the graphics box, making it very simple to quickly update a blog post, article or web page to be more engaging and exciting when the user arrives.

    Top Smartphone Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Eating and living healthy is difficult when you’re constantly on the go. It's nearly impossible to find time for regular exercise. Plus, finding the time to prepare a healthy meal every day sounds like a joke. Luckily, there are several smartphone apps that can make these challenges a little easier. From food apps to exercise apps and general health apps, smartphones can help you manage your busy lifestyle and fit in healthy choices along the way.

    What Are The Available Options for Creating a Virtual Private Network?

    The remote access of the information or files between the employees and colleagues of a company or a business has been made possible with the virtual private network. Therefore, VPN has become a necessity for the users of a business instead of a luxury. It is possible to get direct access to a remote server, but it has certain drawbacks. With your location different from the location of the remote server, you need to pay charges for long distance and at a time multiple modems and phones lines will be required for accommodating more than one connection. Hence, along with the other available options, VPN has proved to give the best solution to the business users.

    How to Clear Cache

    The main purpose of the cache memory is to temporarily store internet files. This is where you can find all the items you have already viewed in the internet. Once you try to visit a site you have already seen, the web page will download faster as usual. The browser loads the page from your cache instead of downloading it all over again. But if you do not want others to see what you have been visiting, you can clear your cache every now and then.