The Top Most Quality iPhone Apps for managing your Accounts and Finance

    Accounts and finance are no more a tough subjects thanks to the advent of modern technology specially the iPhone and its latest application. Most of all people around the worlds use mobile phones these days and many of them amongst them are smart phone users. There are nearly billion of smart phone users across the world currently. iPhone produced by Apple is considered to the most favorite smart phones among the users. Following is the list containing the top 10 iPhone apps (applications) you can find for better finance and accounting

    5 Alternatives to Cable TV

    Cable is one of those industries that has been decimated by the advance of online technology. Soon enough, TV will probably be a thing of the past like a book, newspaper, vinyl record or even a non 3-D film. I do not mean this literally, of course, but never-the-less, television just will not be the same. These days, more and more people are flocking to streaming services online and other options. This is because cable has just become too expensive (especially since the recession reared its ugly head) and consumers are becoming too media savvy and are really tired of commercial breaks every 10 to 15 minutes.

    Should I Fix My Computer On My Own?

    Should I fix my computer on my own? If you are thinking about fixing your computer on your own, I highly recommend giving this article a quite read. I’ll be going over most of the basics and dos and do not’s…. All in under 600 words!

    5 Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

    There are quite numbers of commercial type photo editing software available like Adobe products and Corel. Are you looking for FREE alternative besides these two and can be used on windows? For a digital photographer, a good photo editing program is a MUST. If you are willing to look around, you'll find many free options out there that will do a good job of editing pictures. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 5 of the best free photo editing software programs for Windows.

    11 Alternatives to Microsoft Office Suite

    No doubt Microsoft Office Suite might be one of the most used and popular software among corporate users to facilitate their everyday formal needs. But for some, due to the high price and some compatibility issue with cross operating systems, may lead them to look for other available alternatives. Let us look on some of the alternatives we have besides to Microsoft Office Suite.

    Basic Tips for Taking Great Digital Photos

    Are most of the photos you took looks boring, childish, and worst, unmemorable? Even though after taking the same scene repeatedly giving the same results? There must be something wrong. Do not worry. These basic tips of taking great digital photo will make you a pro in time. Smile!

    How to Optimise Photo Printing

    Taking a digital photograph of friends, family or a special occasion is only the first step in creating a memento that will last a lifetime. After the initial photograph is taken, there are several more steps that can help to make the image appear even more vibrant once it is printed, increase the life of the photograph and prevent unwanted printing disasters.

    10 Simple Tips for Taking Beautiful Portraits Photo

    I am no pro at taking photos. Moreover if the camera i am using is no DSLR or non-super high resolution pixel camera, who knows it might be worse. However, i came across this 10 simple tips to take beautiful portraits photos even if you are fresh learner. Check for it!

    4 Free Tools To Create Bootable Windows 7/Vista/XP/Linux USB Flash Pen Drives

    Computers may come in many sizes nowadays and some of them do not have any cd or dvd drive to boot windows or linux installer. This may quite a pain and troublesome. However, there are actually many tools to do this without requiring any cd or dvd drive, whether free or paid software tools. What we need is a USB Flash Pen Drives. In this post, we list four free tools to create bootable windows 7/vista/XP/Linux using USB flash pen drives.