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    15 of the Best Tutorials to Learn WordPress Theme Development

    On the website development scene, nothing is more dominant that WordPress. And this open source blogging tool has earned this dominance owing to its multi-faceted features and ahead of the curve functionalities. WordPress has given confidence to people who had been planning to start website since eternity but also had a hesitation rooted deep into their lack of knowledge regarding what needs to be done to start a blog or website. However, foraying into WordPress website development, they have realized the seamlessness and the cost-effectiveness of WordPress.

    Now, there is a sea of impressive WordPress themes available out there, and you are most likely to find one that suits what you have in your mind for your blog. But, WordPress also powers you with the capability to create your own themes or go for custom WordPress plugin development. And in this write-up, we throw some light on the tutorials that help you on how to go about learning WordPress without getting caught up in the intricacies of technology.

    1. WordPress Codex

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    This is where it all begins (or should begin).WordPress Codex swing a lot of information regarding developing WordPress themes right into your laps. This information comes handy when you are striving to create an authentic WordPress site.

    2. How to Build A WordPress Theme from Scratch Part One

    This tutorial does what it preaches. It makes you lay back and start learning WordPress from the scratch

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    3. ThemeShaper

    ThemeShaper discusses many considerations for creating a website and it surely has been a real breakthrough when it comes to learn WordPress theme development. This tutorial can help beginners build a website from absolutely no pre-knowledge.

    4. WordPress Theme Customization Guide & Tutorial

    You would require some expertise (not in-depth though) on HTML and CSS for this tutorial. This tutorial has also gained a foothold in the market for its effective lessons to teach WordPress theme structures. The lucidity with which everything has been explained makes it one of the most sought-after tutorials.

    5. Create An Advanced Theme Options Panel in WordPress

    This tutorial is for people who already have some experience in WordPress under their belt, and wish to advance those skills.

    6. WordPress Development and Deployment With MAMP, Git and Dropbox

    This a tutorial packed with features tailored to give you the best learning experience. It introduces you to several advanced tools and services

    7. How to Create a Simple WordPress Blog Theme

    Authored by Chris Spooner, who has emerged to be one of the leading experts in WordPress tutorials, this tutorial makes you familiar with the visual aspects of the website, and then gives you a more insightful understanding. It teaches you Photoshop and how you can code HTML templates.

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    8. Adaptive Blog Theme: From Photoshop to WordPress

    This tutorial goes back to the basics, and equips you with the complete knowledge of how to create a WordPress powered blog

    9. Developing Your First WordPress Theme: Day 1 of 3

    A three part series, it takes easy the procedure of learning WordPress from the perspective of a WordPress theme developer.

    10. Basics of WordPress Theme Design

    Staying true to its title, this tutorial goes at the grass root level to make you an expert in WordPress development.

    11. Translating Your Theme

    As the name suggests, this tutorial helps you translate the theme you own into any other language you desire. The tutorial is authored by Robert Treacy.

    12. Guide to WordPress Coding Standards

    This one is for folks who don’t get all jittery when it comes to the prospect of learning codes. At the end of the day, to keep up with the growing technology, you will have to at some time or other learn how to code, the self-created themes notwithstanding. Now if you wish to start, why not start with this tutorial which treats you like a total novice.

    13. How to Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

    This one again goes beyond teaching you how to build WordPress themes, and rather concentrates initially in introducing to the world of WordPress altogether. It teaches you about Photoshop and few coding and design concepts.

    14. How to Create Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

    This tutorial makes smooth switches from edifying you on the Photoshop software, and then graduating onto coding. The final step in the process constitutes of educating you on the methods to develop WordPress themes.

    15. How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding Required

    Yeah, you were waiting for it, weren’t you? Well this happens to be a tutorial which assures you that you can develop a beguiling WordPress theme without foraying into programming.

    With such a multitude of options to learn WordPress theme development, you are surely spoilt for choices. However, if learning is not your strong suit, hire a WordPress expert instead.


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