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    5 Free WordPress PayPal Plugins You Would Gladly Pay For

    One of the most difficult things a Web Developer can face is trying to come up with a PayPal payment plugin for their site. That’s why we’ve picked out what we think are the 5 best ones to use that will let you conduct payments on your site that are simple, fast and secure.

    WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

    Starting off our list is this handy plugin, quick and extremely easy to setup it allows you to create your own payment buttons, configure your accepted currency, create a ‘Pay Now’ button wherever you like or accept donations.

    Because of how user friendly it is a lot of gambling websites tend to use it as it’s low maintenance and relatively easy to fix if it breaks. In fact so many gambling websites use it that specialist sites like PayPal-casinos have been made to show their users which are the best ones to use and which give players the best deal.

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    Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

    Don’t let its name fool you this plugin can allow for quite a lot of sophisticated options like creating a 3-step payment process, customise your cart button and create a variety of custom code strings and themes for your payment processing.

    PayPal Donations

    This plugin is great for anyone who just wants to run their site on donations from their users. It’s easy to setup and it comes with a range of buttons to choose from, a customisable ‘Thank You Page’ for donators and an option to accept multiple currencies.

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    Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

    The Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin is essentially ‘baby’s first PayPal plugin’ as it’s extremely simple to setup and use. This is ideal for beginners or anyone not familiar with the payment plugin process. It also allows users to check the status of their carts on your page and you can even use it to create special coupon codes and calculate shipping costs.

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    Quick PayPal Payments

    Last but not least is this handy plugin, it contains just one piece of short code which is easy to set up and like the name suggest it allows for quick PayPal payments.

    It also features a great list of options that range from creating coupons, calculating your shipping costs for customers and working through processing fees. It’s also got a great admin customisation range as you can style anything from the button fonts, colours, coupon button shape and even the backgrounds of buttons.

    If you’re in need of a great PayPal plugin to use on your WordPress site then you definitely can’t go wrong with any of these 5 options.

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