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    5 WordPress Themes and Plugins that will rule in 2014

    As a leading CMS (Content Management System), WordPress has definitely been successful in winning the hearts of millions and millions of website owners all over the world. WordPress users across the globe are always awaiting the release of innovative themes and plugins that can help them add improved features and functionalities into their WordPress powered web portals. After having delivered thousands of free and premium themes and plugins, WordPress community is looking forward to the successful release of themes and plugins that’ll add a new brilliance to the execution of WordPress web development projects in the year 2014.

    Firstly, the 5 WordPress Themes that’ll rock the WordPress development world in the year 2014

    WordPress Theme No.1- Wembley

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    Built on Bootstrap 3 framework, Wembley is a responsive WordPress theme that’s equipped with awesome features. Varied options available with this WordPress theme include:

    • Custom logo– You can choose to upload a logo that’s in accordance to your site
    • Welcome section– You can choose to customize the welcome section of your site’s homepage using the theme option page.
    • Style settings– You can choose to customize the color scheme, link hover color and usual link color for your website via the color style setting.
    • Banner setting– You can choose to configure the banner ads on the web page’s side bar.


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     WordPress Theme No.2- Sentoz

    Sentoz is yet another free premium WordPress theme that’s based on the tublog style theme. Backed by a WordPress post format feature, Sentoz allows you to create posts with different formats comprising of audio, image, video, aside, quote, gallery, link etc. In order to ensure smooth working of Sentoz, you need to install and active the plugins viz: WP Post format ui and Options framework.


    WordPress Theme No.3- Gridly

    Gridly is a free minimal and responsive WordPress theme that’s ideal for professional photographers and graphic designers. This theme is equipped with the following features:

    • Featured Images
    • Logo upload option
    • Widgetized footer
    • WordPress 3.0 Menus
    • jQuery Masonry
    • 2 Color schemes
    • Simple Options Panel and many more






    WordPress Theme No.4- JournalCrunch

    JournalCrunch is a WordPress theme that’s tailor-made for magazines or portfolios that have an integrated journal. Professional color scheme and features make this theme a perfect fit for websites that contain information related to the latest happenings in the world.


    WordPress Theme No.5- Boldly

    Custom-made for blogging sites, Boldy is yet another free WordPress theme that’ll surely create waves in the year 2014. Its in-built customization options make it a perfect fit for the creative group of individuals.

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    And now, let me walk you through 5 WordPress plugins that’ll become instant hits in the year 2014

    WordPress Plugin No.1- Duplicate Post

    Duplicate Post is a simple yet incredibly useful WordPress plugin that allows you to create new drafts out of existing posts. This plugin comes with a template tag that can be placed in your templates and used for creating clones of your posts/pages via the front-end. Duplicate Post has been downloaded 446,802 times till date.


    WordPress Plugin No.2- Word Stats

    Installing Word Stats allows you to get a detailed analysis report pertaining to the count of words, the count of keywords and the site’s overall readability. This plugin lets you add a set of language-checking tools to help you keep a good track of your site’s content. You can easily witness the readability level of each post. Word Stats has witnessed around 16,062 downloads till date.


    WordPress Plugin No.3- Crayon Syntax Highlighter

    Installing Crayon Syntax Highlighter allows you to highlight a URL, a local file or even a WordPress post text. Built in PHP and jQuery, this WordPress theme supports customizable languages and themes. You can easily manage your Language files and define custom language elements accompanied by regular expressions.


    WordPress Plugin No.4- DW Question & Answer

    DW Question & Answer plugin is tailor-made for WordPress websites that need to have a feature-rich Questions and Answers section like Quora, Yahoo Answers or Stack Overflow. Last updated on 23rd January 2014, this WordPress plugin has been downloaded for 9,675 times till now.


    WordPress Plugin No.5- Smooth Scroll Up

    If your WordPress website is equipped with content and images then it’s absolutely essential to include a “Scroll to top” feature so as to enable users to go through a web page in a thorough manner. Installing Smooth Scroll Up plugin allows you to do this. You can install this lightweight WordPress plugin and create a customizable “Scroll to top” feature in any of your posts/pages within your WordPress website.



    So, these were five of the best WordPress themes and plugins that’ll bring in a new revolution in the world of WordPress web development in the year 2014. Hope you’d have enjoyed reading the post. For any questions or suggestions, please use the comments box available right under this post.

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