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    Add Favicon To Your WordPress Website

    One picture describes a lot. So is also a favicon of a website. Some website prefer their favicon represented by image, some really like letters type, while some like it none. So how do we add a favicon to a wordpress website? Auto or manually? Follow these simple steps..

    What We Need..

    • A website
    • An image (of any suitable pics)
    • Axialis IconWorkshop (for manual way; there are many icon software also available, i just like this one)
    • Favicon generator website (also many available now)

    What do we do first..

    Add this code below to your website header before </head>.

    [sourcecode language=’php’]

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    Put the favicon.ico as the same folder or level of your website homepage index.php.

    To get the image/ favicon..


    1. Get the image which we already have and import it from Axialis software.
    2. Right click the image and “create windows icon from selection”. New window like below will appear. Select only 16×16 pixels XP or 16×16 pixels 256 colours.
    3. Click “Ok” and save the icon file as “windows icon files (.ico). This is the favicon that we will use which will we named as “favicon.ico”.


    1. Just go to any favicon generator like

    Simple isn’t it?

    There you go your favicon. Just clear the cache and you will see it. Just like we have at this website.

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    1. Yeah right. I was just telling the common way to do it. If there is any other way to do it, you’re welcome to share it. Thanks!


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