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    Easy Customization With WordPress

    Initially WordPress software tool was developed for blog but now its use has become extensive. It is a free software program that is web based used for creating and maintaining websites and blogs. It is said that WordPress is a content management system (CMS) means it allow its users to setup, update, manage and maintain the websites very easily. It also has build templates that is convenient for the users. It is free and daily thousands of customers use it. It won awards as content management system previously. Its advantage is that you can switch the themes whenever you want.

    1- Customization becomes easy

    The software has unique advantage that it is customizable. You can lay out changes according to your choice. Also it is easy to manage. You can build websites for business either small or big. Although it was developed as a blogging software but its advantage and open source made it to build websites free of cost and you don’t have to worry about going to a publisher. It saves time and cost also the need of updating and making changes is very distinctive trait of it. So WordPress stands as a good choice for all users.

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    2 – Distinctive feature of rich text editing

    Apart from its distinctive features, WordPress also provides search engine optimization for your website and increase traffic for your website. Also you don’t need to learn HTML language to make changes to your website that can be a headache or contact webmaster to make even small changes. It has simple rich text editor that helps you edit your web pages or create new ones. You can have free themes and different plug-ins like contact forms, polls or other cool feature and you don’t need a web developer for it.

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    3 – User and eco-friendly software

    Although installing and using WordPress is very user friendly but if you have any problem or query regarding installation or working of the software, you can find online support from the developers who are just a click away to guide and solve your problem. There are many web developers online that are always ready to help and you can also search regarding any problem online and get instant solution to your problem. That’s why it is used by many people and companies around the world and its elasticity makes it user and eco friendly.

    4 – Extended plug-ins and protection

    The developers of WordPress are constantly working and improving the software. Upgrading the previous version and installing new is very simple. Also there are importers that help in moving your website to WordPress. It has integrated feature that help you control spam protection and delete unwanted and spam comments from your blog. There is another feature of full registration that allows users to get registered and comment on your blog and make profiles while you can select the option for non-registered users to comment. You can use WordPress not only to blog or build website, but also for gallery, arcade, portfolio, shopping store etc.

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