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    How to Design a Killer WordPress Website Without Breaking the Bank

    In previous years, cheap website designs have really lived up to expectation, looking cheap! Cheap websites look unprofessional and are downright simple. Thankfully, with the evolution of technologies, a lot of companies offer free web hosting providing you the opportunity to choose a design for your website that will be professional even if you restricted by budget.

    Although cheap web designs are still available they are commonly sponsored by advertising companies or huge businesses and are very simple often having links that transport you to the site of the sponsors. Most of these services even have a “report abuse” button that anybody can click on, even if you have not really done anything wrong.

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    Luckily there are many ways on how to make a free website without breaking the bank. Thankfully, WordPress was developed. WordPress has altered the way people view affordable web design. Not only does it help to create successful and professional designs but also it is simple to use. All that is required is for you to install the free platform and then you are good to go! You can install as many sites as you want and you do not need to shed a single buck. WordPress is a great candidate for business people who want to make more profits but do not want to spend much time or money on their website.

    You would not have to worry about the appearance of your website since there are numerous design professionals who willingly provided themes you can make use of free of charge. How amazing is that? If you want to make an amazing web design with zero cost, then WordPress is the way to go.

    So what do you need to do to make sure that you get the best possible web design? There are several options: Web Design Company or Theme Modification.

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    Website Design Company: Try identifying available web design companies that are accessible to you. Observe how their website appears. You can judge their product through the appearance of their own site. If the company has WordPress features, you must try to know the exact coverage of their service and the features they provide especially SEO Optimisation of the theme. Make sure that these features are beneficial to your website. How the WordPress features work in the website will give you an idea of how important their web design is. You need to know whether or not the design company that you select can work with this cheap platform and their appropriate coding.Next, you need to find out if the company you selected has clean code. Again, you can use their own website as reference. Once good tip is to get two companies review each other’s sites!

    Theme Modification: There are many awesome themes available for WordPress. There are free themes available to install directly in WordPress or paid WordPress themes. There are many website companies that offer paid website themes, in general purchasing a paid website theme is beneficial over a free theme. As someone is receiving money for their theme long term support is more assured as well as the theme being updated to work with the latest versions or WordPress. Once you have installed the paid theme it is simple to edit the colours and layouts with the in build options that are available with the theme. If you want further customization you can either edit the CMS in the custom.css file or pay a developer to make minor modifications.

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    1. wordpress really brings simplification to web developement. even having no background of development can deploy variety of wordpress themes and customies it according to the requirement.


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