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    How To Pick The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business Website!

    There can be little doubt that WordPress have changed the way that we design websites forever, and that is a good thing. We are no longer at the mercy of greedy web designers and inexperienced small business users have really taken WordPress to heart. But it isn’t all so straightforward, that would be too easy! WordPress themes are templates that make the task of building a working website far easier than you could imagine, and there are literally thousands of these out there. We’ll talk about the best way to pick a theme that works for your business and also explain why this is the case.

    Themes – An Explanation
    Just in case you are new to WordPress, we’ll just outline exactly what themes are briefly. Essentially, WordPress is like the engine that powers your website, and the theme that you choose is kind of like the window dressing that make it look more attractive to the outside world. Because there are always new themes to choose from, you should always have oodles of options. If you are fed up with your current theme, simply choose another one and switch them over, it is usually as easy as that!

    Which One?
    Another cool feature that WordPress Themes are well known for is that you can usually do a search for the type of website that you are currently building. You will get a selection of themes that have been developed with your industry sector in mind, or at least that is the idea!  You may well decide to pick a totally odd match and as long as you have the basic ideas in your mind, you can’t go too far wrong.

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    Good Support?
    Okay, when you have found a theme, or two, that you believe will work in your favour, you should look at the support package that is on offer. The free options will usually have zero support and that is fair enough, but if you are making your living from this website, that isn’t going to be a smart move. Check out the ‘About Us’ part of the WordPress developer site and see if you can find any user reviews via Google. Pay attention to the dates and take the really positive ones with a pinch of salt.

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    SEO Options
    Another top feature of the better WordPress Themes is that many of them are SEO friendly straight out of the box. These are coded in a way that makes the website easier to find by the Google search engines. So you get a free hand when you ensure that your chosen theme has this cool bonus onboard.

    WordPress Themes come in all shapes and sizes and that is also true of the prices they attract. A typical theme will cost around $50 and you can pay twice that price if you are a little fussy. Look at the demo review and see if you can see this working for your own business or not. Some lucky individuals manage to find a theme that works for them without any tweaking, or perhaps they are just lacking in imagination? You can also buy a chunk of themes that work out at less than a dollar a throw, but beware of the quality that these are usually lacking.

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    DIY or Hire a Professional Designer?
    So, you have probably saved hundreds of dollars by acquiring a WordPress Theme that rocks, but are you man enough to get this how on the road? You could also hire a developer to tweak your site effectively. Although it will not be anywhere near as pricey as the whole shebang, they won’t be doing this for free.

    Responsive or Not?
    Now here is a hot topic that is sure to add a lot of value to your eventual choice, responsive websites are all the rage in 2014. If you have a Perth Shower panels business to promote, think about what devices your potential customers are going to be rocking. So choose a responsive theme that allows your website to look great on mobiles, tablets, laptops, Macs, and PCs.

    Over to You!
    Hopefully you will have a better idea of how to choose your first WordPress Theme, and remember you probably will not reach world domination with your first attempt, so be prepared for a few stabs before you hit those heights.

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