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    Joomla,Drupal or WordPress – which one is the best CMS?

    There are several different ways to create a website. Few years ago, the majority of people used to create websites by using programs such as CSS, HTML and even Flash. Today there are many more new features. CMS sites began to dominate in the filed of development of new web sites. When it comes to CMS there are several questions.


    Which CMS is better? Which CMS should be chosen to create a website? How to present yourself in the best possible way to the users on the Internet? Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or some custom code? Every developers and programmers have their own opinions when it comes to various open source CMS’s. It all comes down to functionality and easy to use, but even then the lines between these systems are blurred. So it would become very difficult to draw a line and indicates that which system is the best.

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    Some of the reasons that why CMS has gain popularity in the internet world are described below:

    • They are easy to use – you do not need extensive knowledge of coding or programming to be able to create the web site;
    • These sites are cheaper – most of them are completely free (open source);
    • You will save your time by creating your website within an hour.

    If you are planning to make a website page of your company, and you are not experienced enough to draw such kind of professional websites, you may start wondering which CMS system is the best choice for you.

    About Joomla

    Joomla is a CMS (Content management system) that will publish content you want on the internet. Joomla comes with several great options for managing images and texts, and with various modules such as popular content, latest news. Joomla will also manage surveys and banners, contact form and search. In addition, you will have the chance to use hundreds of plugins that can be converted into a Joomla web site.

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    About WordPress

    WordPress is a place of blogging which is very easy to explore indeed. About 30% of all new websites in the whole world have been using wordpress since long and it is the most popular CMS (Content management system) that is searched on the internet regularly. WordPress is the best platform to build your website on. WordPress allows you to create web pages without the need for any tools for web site design. Any knowledge you may have of Photoshop, CSS, HTMS, PHP, etc will not be useless of course. WordPress has many different widgets, plugins and themes that you can use. WordPress is an ideal place and giving solution for those people who are beginners and they do not know much about web design.

    About Drupal

    Drupal has a large community of developers and users. You can find around 700 000 registered users on the Drupal website. It can create very advanced web sites, and its developer friendly. Drupal has a wide range of different applications, such as blogs, small personal presentations or large business web sites that you will use for e-commerce. Drupal is a free content management system (CMS) which is written in the PHP language.

    Yet the questioning is remaining that, which one to choose?

    It mainly depends from your IT and technical expertise, projects that you are planning to do in the future, you budget, and above all your goals. WordPress may be the best choice for you if you want to create a simple blog, or an advaneced website. WordPress pretty much works for all your website plans. Drupal may be the best choice for wider pages that will require complex and stable organization. If you need something in between, the best possible choice would be Joomla. It is very important for you to know that none of these systems does not have the option of self configuration or to service and fix possible errors.

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