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    Key tactics to fix WordPress errors

    WordPress is the tool to turn to while managing and editing your blog. For many users editing and managing their web content is a daily routine. For such users WordPress is almost like an addiction, which they cannot do without. But even experienced users face certain problems and errors which can turn into a headache and freak them out.

    What are these errors? How do they occur? How to avoid them? What are the possible solutions? We shall look at a few tactics to address to questions related to such errors in this article.


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    For the benefit of readers I shall discuss all errors in a question and answer format

    1. What is Syntax error?

      The words “Syntax error” if translated into simple English means an error occurred due to wrong sequence of the code entered by the user. The code could be either missing something or the order of the elements might be incorrect. This generally happens in WordPress will inserting code snippets and a wrong syntax gives a PHP phrase error. An error notification will appear denoting the line no. In which the error has occurred.

      The solution: You will have to fill in the blanks with the correct syntax. It could be a wrong character inserted by you in haste or a missing bracket.

    2. Why does a white screen appear, but no error message?

      This is a common problem with WordPress experienced by many users. It is also called as the white screen of death. A white blank screen appears without any error message, frustrating the user as he has no clue. He does not know where to look and what to fix. This problem generally arises when your scripts exceeds the PHP memory limit or there a problem with the server configuration. Even your theme could be the cause of trouble.

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      The solution: Try increasing the memory and see if it works. If not then you should change the theme to the default one. In case even this does not help then try disabling the pulugins, as a faulty plugin could also be the culprit. If none of these solutions are able to help you out, then you probably need to re-install your WordPress, as a corrupted WordPress might be the reason for the white screen appearing.

    3. My site has opened but my images are gone?

      On opening your site, you might sometimes notice that the images are missing from the page and you can only see image place holders in their place. The incorrect file and directory permissions in WordPress installation are the cause of this error. The reasons for the changing of file permissions could be many. It could be because your web hosting provider upgraded his system or a hacker uploaded some back door entry code.

      The solution: The only solution to this problem is to rectify the file and directory permissions in WordPress. In order to do that, you will require an FTP client like FileZilla.

    4. My WordPress does not Auto-update?

      The auto-update feature works in WordPress in the same way as a normal auto-update does in any other application. Its function is to provide updates which solve technical issues like bugs etc. and also to provide software patches for the program. If working properly auto-update is a big problem solver, but in case you get an error message of update failed then it means that your auto-update feature is not working. This problem generally occurs when there is a problem with file permissions or a broken connection with the main WordPress files. The third possible reason could also be your internet connection.

      The solution: First of all check your internet connection. Try to fix it if it’s not working. If auto up-date still fails then try to update manually. See an online tutorial on manual update.

    5. I am locked out of wp-admin. What do I do now?

      This generally occurs when you have forgotten your password and cannot access the admin area to edit your blog content. This could also be a hacker’s work that has deliberately changed your login and password.

      The solution: If you have forgotten your password then try to recover it through your email, as is the common practice. If you are not receiving a password recovery email then it is definitely a hacker’s handiwork. So now the only option available to you is to go to phpMyAdmin and reset your password. It is a bit tough for a new user, but then it is the only effective solution you have.

    6. Why is the slidebar appearing below the content?

      Ideally the slidebar should appear next to the content, but at times the slidebar starts to appear below the content instead. A problem with your theme is the most like cause of this. A possible syntax error in snippets coding could be the reason too. But essentially it is a theme related problem and its HTML or CSS coding.

      The solution: Use a W3C validator and re-check your HTML code for errors. You might have changed something recently which is causing the problem. If your page has a <div> block then make sure that it is properly closed.

    I hope that I have been able to provide assistance in solving a few error issues related to WordPress. In case any of your issues are still unaddressed then please feel free to give your comments and suggestions.

    This article is written by Anna Brown. Anna Brown is a web designer at Xperts Infosoft, a leading Website design development and Mobile App Development Company based in India. Apart from designing she loves to review websites. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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