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    Make Your Title Tag SEO Friendly Manually

    WordPress title tag plays important role of making your site more visible and SEO friendly, so that it can tell the search engine spider of what your site is about and allows your site to be indexed to the relevant search terms and keywords. There are other ways of customizing your site’s template or theme title tag for SEO friendly manually rather than using plugins that are many available today. Follow these simple steps.

    Open the header.php file, find the <title> tag, and replace it with by the following code.

    [sourcecode language=’php’]

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    <br /> <?php if (is_home () ) { bloginfo('name'); } elseif ( is_category() ) { single_cat_title(); echo ‘ – ‘ ; bloginfo('name'); } elseif (is_single() ) { single_post_title(); } elseif (is_page() ) { bloginfo(’name’); echo ': '; single_post_title(); } else { wp_title("",true); } ?><br />


    This code above will generate title tags according to the following sequence:

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    • Blog homepage -> display blog name.
    • Category page -> display the category name and the blog name.
    • Article page -> display the article title.
    • Static page -> display the blog name, and the page title.

    Try it!

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