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    Must Know: Things To Do After Installing WordPress

    Installing wordpress is quite an easy task to do. It can be done in less than two minutes. However, the most crucial things to consider in installing wordpress are after installing itself. It can assure you to sit comfortably while leaving your site running smoothly without any worries of being hacked, spammed and exploited. Not only that, your site visitors can browse happily while  your site looks nice, organized and neat.

    We came across few must know useful articles and tips on what to do after installing wordpress.

    Useful Links

    • 10 Things to do After Installing WordPress

    The tips include:

    • How to change the default image upload folder
    • How to remove the WordPress version generator on the header
    • How to prevent people from browsing your WP folders
    • How to turn off post revisions
    • How to disable HTML in comments
    • How to change the location of WP plugins and themes
    • How to change the building mode of XML sitemaps
    • How to turn off image tumbnails

    Just check out those useful links above. Maybe you’ll find something that you missed after installing wordpress.

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