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    4 Reasons Why Web Designers Love WordPress

    Even though web designers have the knowledge and talent to build websites from scratch, many still enjoy using WordPress. This is because the web software allows designers to create web sites that are high-quality without doing as much work. In addition to being a cheaper alternative to other website-building programs, below are four more reasons why web designers love WordPress.

    1 – Full website-building tool:

    WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. You can build a full-fledged website with this software, all for free. Create a homepage and add as many pages as you want to produce a working website for your business or organization. And if you want your own custom domain, you can get it for the seriously low price of $13 a year. That’s a steal compared to what you get from other web hosting services, even those who offer domains for free, because WordPress gives you everything you need to create a top-notch website.

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    2 – Customized design:

    With the custom design upgrade, users gain access to fonts from Typekit (a library of high-quality typefaces), WordPress’ full color palette and CSS (Cascading Stylesheet). This upgrade is only $30 per blog, per year; another bargain. Keep in mind, though, that this upgrade does not allow you to upload themes.

    3 – Free statistics tracking:

    Analytics is easy with WordPress. The website keeps track of how many visits you get, which posts are most popular, how many times your posts were shared on various social media platforms and more. The tool can even break down visits by country, so you can see how many people read your blog from all over the world.

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    4 – Social media and mobile apps:

    WordPress allows its users to easily connect their sites with their social media pages. This helps with online marketing efforts by allowing users to share new posts with followers on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo! And LinkedIn. In addition, the WordPress mobile app allows you to edit your site from your mobile phone. The app also allows your blog to be easily read by followers on any mobile device by presenting it in a form that is compatible with a small screen.

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    Some of the biggest companies and greatest web design teams have created their blogs and websites using WordPress. More proof that this web software is fully capable of giving you everything you want in a website without all the hassle of building a website alone.

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