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    7 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Productive

    WordPress is one of the most easy to use and manageable content management systems one could use for his or her website. Developers around the globe contribute to plugins, themes, tools, and more to help anyone build an attractive and feature rich site. However, installing WordPress doesn’t mean that visitors will come flocking to the blog or that a steady stream of money will come trickling in. A constant vigil needs to be upheld in order to drive traffic and make money.

    1. Constant Posts –

    There is a direct correlation between content on a website and the amount of visitors it receives. The more content that is available, the more readers will be interested. Success stories of websites are produced by those who receive thousands of hits per day but have thousands of pages worth of content posted. Without investing in a form of advertising, it is the content that will be the driving force of the site. Even three posts per day on the blog’s subject matter could make a difference in traffic.

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    2. Monetized –

    Adsense and affiliate marketing are excellent ways to promote a form of income for a blog. The more visitors a website receives, the greater are the chances of money trickling in from these two methods. As they are free to use, all one needs to invest is the time to continue writing content for his or her blog.

    3. Social Media –

    Including social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube can create a wealth of visitors. Both of these sites can create a fan-base for the blog assisting in backlinking and advertising through friends and family. Facebook is a great source for word-of-mouth advertising as a person’s activity is shown to his or her family and friends. This could promote a blog without any involvement from the site’s owner – aside from setting up the Facebook account.

    4. Bells-n-Whistles –

    There are many additions that can be plugged into WordPress to create a impressionable experience. Opinion polls, newsletters, calendar events, and far more can be plugged into the powerful CMS to help differentiate it from other competing websites. However, one doesn’t want to flood the blog site with too many of these additions as it could begin to look cluttered.

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    5. Comment Replies –

    A lot of people who enjoy reading blogs do so in order to leave comments and be a part of a discussion about the subject matter. Replying to the comments posted makes the visitor feel like they are a part of something and are being recognized. This could easily create a return visitor increasing the chances of each visit being monetized through ads or sales.

    6. Easy to Locate –

    Keeping categories and content organized can help visitors find specific information they are looking for. Having a logical list of categories pertaining to the blog’s purpose can also help in reducing confusion of the target audience. Frustrated visitors are far less likely to return or spend quality time on the blog if the content is too difficult to sift through.

    7. Updates –

    One of the strongest features of WordPress is the ability to update itself, themes, plugins, and more by simply clicking the “Updates” link. These updates keep the blog site secure and up-to-date with the latest version from developers. As functionality is a key for any website, keeping WordPress current can help keep the visitors and the blog owner from having a bad experience.


    As with anything one does in life, efforts will dictate how successful the project is. Building a successful blog using WordPress can be easy, but the owner will still need to keep producing as much as he or she can for it. It doesn’t take much to grab the attention of blog readers, but it does take devotion on the owner’s part to keep it a success.

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    1. I think that WordPress is the easiest platform to use. I agree with you about constant posts, lots of people start with consistency then it fades away, and they have no idea why they’ve failed.

      Thanks for the post, its an interesting read, I think if you keep to all of the points, you are almost guaranteed organic SE traffic.



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