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    5 Tips That Will Save Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked

    Google identifies about 10 000 infected websites every day, and 4000 of them are legitimate sites that are compromised by hackers. The most vulnerable websites are those of the small companies, and those generally don’t have the needed expertise and software to prevent those kinds of attacks. The small companies can record great loses, especially if their websites would get on the Blacklist of Google because of hacking. This is why it is important to protect your website from those possible attacks and being hacked.

    1. Update the software

    The hackers usually look for breaches in the management security systems of the content, in order to attack many websites at the same time. Update the content often, and make sure you are always updated with the latest discoveries in this field. The specialists say that websites that are infected with malware programs and then cleaned won’t resolve the security problems, as they will be infected again after a while.

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    2. Use strong passwords

    It is mandatory to use strong passwords, as the hackers usually try to break or to steal the passwords of the web software or of the FTB servers. The usual and common passwords can be easily hacked. It is also important to protect your PC from viruses using a strong password, as those viruses could contribute to the password being stolen.

    3. Google webmaster tools

    If you are recorded on the blacklist of Google, your traffic will be reduced significantly, on all the major browsers. If you are registered on Google Webmaster tools, you will receive instant notifications about any malware infections, and sometimes you will be able to solve the respective problem before being recorded on the respective blacklist. Moreover, Google uses those details to create new protective tools, and in case you can prove you were not guilty of the respective problem, you might not be penalized.

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    4. Call the experts

    While the major companies have armies of engineers, technicians and software specialists hired just to protect the online integrity of a company, the small companies and especially the individual owners of websites don’t have such vast resources, therefore it is hard for them to monitor the activity on the web, and to detect a possible attack. The companies have data with personal details of the clients that might be the subject of an attack, and this is why it is important for those companies to take all the necessary measurements, but those protective methods must also be taken by the small companies that don’t have such great material resources, but they still want to benefit of protection.

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    5. Antivirus programs

    A complete antivirus program will protect your main server, your personal computer, and also your website. It is important to buy a licensed program of this kind, and also to make sure that the online protection methods and shields are activated. Moreover, you can also find programs that are effective against malware and spyware programs. The best idea is to buy a complete package from a single company that contains all the online and offline protective tools for your website and computer.

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