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    Tips to Be a Great WordPress Developer

    As programs go it really isn’t too difficult to use and work with WordPress, on the surface.  Actually, just about anyone with even minimal design ability can use WordPress effectively.  But if you’re looking for more than just short term success, for example a PSD to WordPress career, if your goal is to build and grow your business into a respectable career, then you’d better get ready for hard work.

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    It’s not enough to know the basics about WordPress to be able to label yourself an “Expert”, you have to earn the title.  That involves discipline and the determination to succeed.  Remember that you aren’t merely striving to be good, you are striving to be at the top, and that takes an investment of time and energy.

    1.  Study —

    If you expect to one day be at the top of your profession, then you absolutely must spend substantial time every day reading about WordPress.  You can start by reading the Codex.  That’s essentially the be all and end all about WordPress.  The WordPress Bible.  Read it and take notes, you’ll need to refer back to them often.

    Of course your first instinct is to just do something, anything with WordPress so that you can feel like you’ve accomplished something.  But hold your horses, patience has its rewards.  You’ll get your chance to dive on in later.

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    2.  Books —

    There are some very good books about WordPress out there and it would be in your best interest to invest in a few of them.  It might not be the most exciting reading in the world, but you have to keep plugging along.

    The Hard Stuff


    1.  Technology —

    If you want to turn yourself into a great WordPress developer than you simply have to understand the technology.  Even if all of this is completely new to you, you have to make up your mind that you have the discipline to buckle down and learn this stuff.  Just think of it as learning another language.  Sometimes that can seem impossible, but then you suddenly find one day that it all makes sense.

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    2.  Practice —

    This is your chance to use all of your brand new knowledge.  Start by creating your own WordPress websites.  Take things step by step and don’t be intimidated. And don’t forget to take notes.  There’s going to be so much going on that there are no way you’ll remember it all unless you write it down.  Also, practice often.  Every now and then just isn’t enough.


    Now it’s time to take on your first clients.  But hold on. As soon as you get excited, you should be forewarn, you might have to take them on for free or next to nothing in return for the experience you’ll gain.  You absolutely must have these hands on experience, and taking on clients is the best way to accomplish this.  You may have house of experience working on your own projects, but that is far from being the same thing as working for a client.  You will find that there are challenges to be found you never even considered when you were simply working on your own.

    All of these suggestions are excellent ways for you to become a great WordPress developer.  But they are useless if you don’t put them into practice.  Learning this work isn’t something that will happen overnight, so if you’re looking for a career where you’ll be making big money within a few months of starting out, look elsewhere.  You have to have the determination, the desire and the hunger to see this through.  If you don’t have those qualities, then you should find another career.

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