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    Top 10 Features for Online Cab Booking App

    People are liking the cab service and find it convenient and easy to travel and reach the destination. With the increase the number of mobile users, people try to avoid waiting for taxis and buses but simply book a cab before leaving to save their precious time.

    The smartphone and the internet is the main reason which increases the growth of online booking services. Therefore, the cab business has also surged in the last 3,  4 years and so the competition among them as supply is what people demand.

    Everyone wants to make a profit from whatever they are doing for livelihood and to maintain the trust of their customers they need to put in special and unique features in their Cab Booking App before launching it to expand their businesses.

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    Here I mention 10 top features for online Cab Booking App

    1. Easy to Use

    The home page design should also be eye catchy, simple and most importantly if it’s the first time of use then the app should have guiding nature. The basic feature you can add it in search option for an best result.

    Location tracking is a easy and time saving feature and that attracts a more customers. In a nutshell, app design and layout should be clear and friendly.

    2. Arrival Timing Pop-up

    When the app notifies the user from time to time about its arrival, it alerts the user to get ready. It benefits both the service provider and the customer. This is the must-have feature in the Cab Booking App.

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    3. Inclusion of Fare of every Ride

    After sign up, the user notices the fare of their route, if an app doesn’t specify the cost of every distance and route then it becomes difficult to choose the best cab service. Even the point of having the online privilege to book the cab get also spoiled. The customer wants to know the cost of your service, so adding this function will benefit your business.

    4. Add Each Detail

    The name of the driver to the colour of the cab should be mentioned after the booking done by the user. This will help to recognise the cab which the user has booked and also it ensures safety. One more thing the app should offer is the “cancel” button before the cab reaches the place where the user wants. This gives flexibility to users if they have changed their mind or some emergency comes.

    5. Feedback box

    Without feedback no communication is complete. It maintains a good relationship between the audience and the business. When a user is asked for feedback and rating after the completion of the ride, it’s the user’s call to give the feedback or not. If they give feedback, then well, it can be a suggestion, positive response. They should avoid making a mistake which is referred to in feedback.

    6. Organise users Rides

    The app should provide the option of seeing the history of all rides the user has taken. And upcoming rides will show the rides which are booked for the future. This keeps the app organised and users will not have to brainstorm much by thinking about their previous or upcoming rides.

    7. Go with different Payment System

    As everything is getting digitised, the concept of cashless is all over the world. So it’s better to provide different methods of payments such as by card, internet banking, UPI, cash etc.

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    In this way, the company doesn’t bind the user to pay by a particular method, because it’s not necessary everyone likes to pay by the same procedure.

    8. Emergency 24/7 Service

    The online booking system is quite safe and secure for riders. This helps riders to travel from their workplace to home at night safely. If your business offers an emergency feature with safety and support, this gives a good impression on the passenger mind. Offering the 24/7 service is not easy but to stand out in this competition and to increase your business. This is quite a good option and additionally, it helps the people to reach their place without any issue.

    If your app provides the SOS button also, then it works as a cherry on the cake because the SOS button sends all the user information to the police and this gives assurance to the rider about their safety.

    9. Other Special Features

    First, to become more customer-centric, your app can offer to choose their type of cabs. This way they can select any category of the cab of lowest to highest cost.

    Second, in addition to sharing location. The app can offer the feature of live tracking of the cab while you wait and also when you are about to reach your destination. This helps the user to know the exact location and can infer the time it is going to take to reach.

    Third, to attract more and more customers, you can add the feature of invite and share in your Cab Booking App. This work as a referral for your business in which the user shares the link of invitation to their friends and family on any platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS and in return the user will get small to big offers on the ride.

    10. FAQ and Review

    Last but not least, the FAQ section helps the audience to Know more about applications and companies. It increases engagement and gives more information about the company to the user. In the FAQ section, all the queries are answered.

    With the FAQ section, the reviews box works a lot better, because people drop their experience whether it’s good or bad. So the new user can analyse those and know how the company service is.

    For saving yourself from bad experience reviews, before organising your online application. Look for your staff because they are the one who makes your company up or down. They should be skilled, professional and have soft skills such as polite behaviour, know how to treat customers, and possess a quality of punctuality.

    This way the only limit will be the sky for your company. Before launching make sure you test it properly and have control over your application because it should be unique to stand out in a competitive market. You should know what features are suitable and what isn’t for your demographic audience.

    And communicate and tell all the required features you want in your application well to your hired app developer.

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    Hermit Chawla
    Hermit Chawla
    Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Cab Booking App Development Company. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


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