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    Ultimate List of Plugins to Make and Scale a Fully Functional WooCommerce Store

    WooCommerce is one of the most ideal solutions that lets you build online stores which makes it possible to “sell anything anywhere”. Its free, flexible and comes with a bunch of awesome plugins that make it even more effortless to build and scale your store.

    If you are running a WooCommerce store or planning to build one, here is the list of plugins that you should checkout.

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    Enabling your potential customers to connect with your business can make a huge impact on your store’s growth. Livechat for WooCommerce is a great tool that can help you with it.

    Key features of the plugin

    Agent chat tools for productivity – The plugin comes with a number of awesome chat tools that make the conversation easier and efficiently such as letting you take a peek at the message being typed, canned responses, chat tags, file sharing, chat archives, etc.

    Customization – You can customize the chat widget entirely to match your website’s design. You can add your name, title, and profile picture to the chat widget and connect with your visitors on a personal level.
    Reports and analytics – You can stay in control of your support team by getting a general view and in-depth data about their activity. With this feature, you will get information on data such as total chats, missed chats, chat satisfaction, chat engagement, etc.

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    Security – It comes with high-standard security measures such as encrypted connection with 256bit SSL protocol, credit card masking, limited and secure access for support staff, spam visitor banning, etc., to keep your data safe.

    Third-party app integration – It lets you improve your workflow by connecting with apps you use on a daily basis such as ZenDesk, Facebook, Salesforce, Shopify, Hubspot, etc.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Livechat is pivotal in ensuring quality customer service. Using this tool you will be able to assist your visitors exactly when they need it, solve your customers’ problems quickly, boost your credibility hence create a strong bond with your customers.

    Free or Premium

    If you have a small store with moderate traffic, a simple live chat functionality would do. If that’s not the case, you may choose or upgrade to the premium version.

    GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

    It is one of the popular plugins when it comes to GDPR and CCPA compliance of your WooCommerce/WordPress website. GDPR Cookie Consent plugin offers some powerful features that allow you to run your website as per the GDPR guidelines.

    Key features of the plugin

    Automatic cookie scan – It automatically scans for cookies present on your website. You can display this cookie list on your website using a simple shortcode.

    Automatic script blocking – Enables automatic script blocking of third-party cookies until visitors give consent.
    Fully customizable cookie banner – Let’s you display cookie banner’s that are fully customizable to resonate with your website’s look and feel.

    GeoIP based consent – This feature enables you to show cookie notice to only the visitors from the EU by detecting their IP address.

    Granular control for cookies – Allows your visitors to give consent to cookies based on their categories.
    Record user’s consent – You can record your users’ consent and keep a consent log that contains information on their consents, the cookies they consented to, timestamp, anonymized IP of the user, etc.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    If you sell internationally, especially to EU countries, it’s a must to comply with the GDPR law. Since you may not know about the cookies present on your website, the cookie compliance won’t be easy for you. With this plugin enabled on your website, you will have a much deeper understanding of the cookies present on your website and how to deal with them in order to be compliant with the law.

    Free or premium

    The plugin comes in both its free and premium versions. Although the free version has great collection of features, you will miss some powerful features in it that make compliance a much easy task for you.

    WooCommerce Multilingual

    As your website would be set in one language, you will be having trouble while selling internationally. To make sure your WooCommerce store’s availability in multiple languages you should add a multilingual plugin into it. WooCommerce Multilingual allows you to run your WooCommerce stores in several languages and currencies.

    Key features of the plugin

    Support for multiple languages – The plugin supports over 40 languages and lets you add your own language variants like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish using WPML’s language editor.

    Multiple product type support – Translates all WooCommerce products including simple, variable, group, and external.

    Multiple currency support – Enables running a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies.
    Flexible communication – Allows you to send emails to clients and admins in their language.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Whether you are selling internationally or your business is limited to a particular country, your website should have multi-language capability owing to the fact that every country has a significant population of ex-pats, immigrants, and long-term visitors.

    Many shoppers don’t feel comfortable to visit or buy from websites that aren’t in their native languages. Although Google translate can help, it has certain limitations when it comes to providing an easy reading experience for your shoppers as it offers only a rough translation of your website’s content.

    Multi-lingual sites are also great for SEO as it can be much easier to rank for keywords with high volumes of traffic in other languages, which, in turn, leads to even more site visitors.

    Free or Premium

    The plugin is free but it will only work on your WooCommerce website when combined with the WPML plugin, which is a paid option.

    WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes Plugin

    This plugin is your WooCommerce store’s best companion to automatically generate and attach all the shipping related documents to every WooCommerce store’s orders. It allows you to run your store without having to worry about creating documents.

    Key features of the plugin

    Automatic generation of all shipping documents – The plugin generates print invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, dispatch labels, shipping labels, address labels, picklists, credit notes, and proforma invoices.Email PDF invoice with order details – Attach a PDF invoice with additional print options embedded in the order email. The invoice can also be attached/mailed only for selected order status(es).

    Pre-built templates to choose from – The plugin will let you get started easily with multiple pre-built templates for each of the documents supported. It also allows you to create new templates for each document.

    Easy design customizations – Customize each design component of the template or create your own documents with simple toggle buttons and also using visual and code editors.

    Add custom fields to documents – If required you can add variation information, metadata, payment information, logo, tax info, tracking details, and other branding elements into the documents.

    Multi-lingual support – Works seamlessly with the most popular plugins like WPML and supports multiple language translations.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Invoices and shipping documents are important if you are running an online store. These documents add credibility to your business make your business look more professional. It’s also the best way to avoid or solve sales-related disputes, should they arise.

    Free or Premium

    The free plugin supports all the important documents that you will need, but if you need advanced customization options it’s better to go with the premium version.

    Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. And this plugin allows you to easily connect your WooCommerce store with Google analytics without the need for coding. It is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins available for WooCommerce.

    Key features of the plugin

    Quick and easy set up – It only takes a few clicks to complete the entire set up process from the WordPress interface.

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    Easy tracking management – You will be able to view all the metrics right inside your WordPress dashboard hence there is no need to sign into a different account.

    Enables enhanced Ecommerce reports – You get to analyze the shopping behavior report, checkout behavior report, product performance report, sales performance report, overview, product list performance report, order coupon report, internal promotion report, product coupon report, affiliate code report, etc.

    Advanced tracking features – Facebook pixel tracking, Google Ads conversion tracking, user id and client id tracking, product refund tracking, form field tracking, 404 tracking.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    The best decisions regarding your company are the ones derived from facts not assumptions. By connecting Google analytics to your WooCommerce store you will be able to see how your visitors/customers interact with your store, which in turn, can be used to improve your store’s performance, and ultimately its sales.

    Free or Premium

    The pro version has additional metrics and reports than the free version. Hence, for extracting information on a deeper level you might want to choose the premium version.

    Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

    This plugin would be a great option to scale your WooCommerce store by enabling coupons, deals and offers on it. Its advanced coupon options will turn your WooCommerce store into a smart one.

    Key features of the plugin

    Advanced coupon rules and restrictions – Configure a variety of coupons using the advanced coupon rules and restrictions.

    Behavior-based coupon creation – Create coupons based on customer behavior to encourage customer retention.

    Offer store credits – Allow your customers to purchase store credit that they can use for later purchases or use as a gift option.

    Email store credits/coupons – Customers can send store credits or gift coupons from the store straight to the recipient’s inbox by simply entering the email address.

    Bulk coupon generation – Create thousands of coupons all at once and add them to the store. You can either email them to your customers or export them as a CSV.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Providing coupons, discounts, etc., are the best marketing strategies known to date. Hence these are widely employed by most of the online and offline stores to boost their sales. This makes it even more important to come up with awesome strategies that will blow away your potential customers. Using an awesome coupon plugin can definitely do wonders for your store.

    Free or premium

    The free version is indeed a great option to create coupons for your store. But for adding varieties of coupons and offers that will hook your shoppers, you may have to go for the premium version.

    WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

    This plugin allows you to easily connect your WooCommerce store with the Stripe payment gateway without writing a line of code. It is one of the best Stripe plugins available.

    Key features of the plugin

    Accept credit cards and debit cards via Stripe – The plugin facilitates easy and fast checkout using credit cards, debit cards, etc.

    Supports multiple payment methods – Accept payment in your store via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and Stripe Checkout.

    Secure transactions – The plugin follows the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules and employs 3D Secure for card payments so that you don’t lose out on any of your European customers.

    Works with subscription plugins – Supports automatic (and manual) recurring payments for subscription-based products with the subscription plugin.

    Easy monitoring and tracking of transactions – You can view the consolidated data of all the transactions done using Stripe on your WordPress dashboard for easy monitoring and tracking.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Stripe is one of the most common and popular payment gateways used by the majority of store owners around the world. This payment gateway accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as Bitcoin and Apple Pay.

    Free or Premium

    The free version of the plugin is a great option for enabling a smooth checkout experience for your shoppers, but if you are selling subscription products in your store it won’t do. Subscriptions are only supported in the premium version.

    Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

    If you wish to provide your customers with a quick checkout experience at your store, you had better try this plugin. The plugin allows you to simplify the checkout process and increase your conversion rates.

    Key features of the plugin

    Enable one-page checkout – The plugin lets you include the cart form in the checkout page thus allowing your users to edit the cart and confirm the order on the same page.

    Remove checkout fields – Lets you easily remove unnecessary fields and speed up the checkout process. You can get rid of fields order comments, shipping address, coupon form, policy text, terms and conditions, and more.

    Add to cart function by WooCommerce Ajax– It allows your users to include single, group, or variable products in the cart without the need to reload the entire site each time.

    Checkout redirect – Redirect your users directly to the checkout page reducing the total checkout process to one-step.

    Enable quick view of shop and product categories – Include a button to display a quick view of the WooCommerce shop page and product categories.

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    The more steps your shoppers have to go through for finishing the checkout process, the better are the chances for cart abandonment. Thus you need to reduce the steps as much as possible to ensure better conversion without affecting your customer’s experience badly.

    Free or Premium

    Since the free version doesn’t support most of the important features and doesn’t provide any support, the best way is to go for the premium plan of the plugin.

    Subscriptions for WooCommerce

    If you wish to scale your business to selling subscription products and ensuring a recurring revenue, you might want to check out this plugin. Using this plugin you can sell both physical and digital products in your store.

    Key features of the Plugin

    Creates simple and variable subscriptions – It allows you to create simple subscriptions (with subscription price, interval, subscription length) and variable subscription products (with attributes/variations and specific pricing/billing schedules).

    Set up free trials and sign up fee – You can set a free trial period for a defined number of days/weeks/month/years and also set up a signup fee which is exclusive of the actual price of the subscription product.

    Offer recurring discounts – Let’s you create and offer recurring discounts to eligible customers.

    Manage renewal interval and expiry – The plugin gives you considerable flexibility in setting up renewals (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly for every 2nd, 3rd, etc.. up to 6th).

    Supports synchronization of subscription renewals – Synchronize subscription renewal to occur on the same day for all subscribers irrespective of the date of purchase.

    Email notifications – Automatic emails have been configured to notify the customer and/or the site owners for various status(es).

    Why do you need this plugin for your store?

    Enabling your WooCommerce store to sell subscription products can give you a huge boost on your revenue. And since the default WooCommerce platform doesn’t provide you with this feature, the only way you can enable subscriptions in your store is by adding a subscription plugin.

    Free or Premium

    If you have a small store with a small number of subscription products free version would be enough. But if your store manages a large number of subscription products the premium version would be the better option.

    Final Words

    All that’s left to say is – your store will grow and grow and you will be in need of extending your store’s functionalities from time to time to make the process easy. Hence, it’s a best practice to be on the lookout for the right plugins and add them to your store when the need arises.

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