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    It is valuable to make your blog or website with According to – “Almost everything on is free, and things that are currently free will remain free in the future,..” So, follow these easy steps to get started with your own first blogging career.

    Easy Signup:

    The first thing to start is to create an account on Press the get started button to enter into the site. Here select your blog address, which people will use to excess your blog. Choose a unique blog address for your blog. After that, select a Username which will help you to log into your blog. Select a strong password must be mixed with letters and numbers. Now enter your validated Email Address and the language which you are going to use for your blog.

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    For a free blog, press the ‘create blog’ icon and to buy a WordPress package, click an ‘Upgrade’ icon. Now, go to your email to click on a confirmation link to activate your blog. Now, you are a blog owner so customize your blog by selecting a theme for your blog. Then you will be directed to a Welcome page.

    Examining the Dashboard:

    Dashboard is available on each and every blog. By using your Dashboard, you can manage the settings of your blog. There are many options available in the Dashboard, just start blogging by using some of the options and when you got familiarized with, you can select more options and the site is full of supported documents to help you at the time of your need. The Toolbar also contains some shortcuts.

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    Selecting a topic:

    Topic selection must be unique. First of all, keep in mind the needs of you and your targeted audience. If you are selecting any hot topic, then updating it on regular basis is necessary. If you have not much time to update it regularly, then select those topics which can run for months. Your topic must be unique in SEO point-of- view.

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    Filling your sidebar with Widgets:

    It is good to have different useful links on your sidebar so that the visitors will not face any sort of problem in searching what they are looking for. Some tools help the visitors to search a particular content and some links include Facebook likes and Tweeter tweets.

    Posting your first article:

    Now it is the turn of creating your post. Click a ‘New post’ icon and select the type of content you are going to post. Craft the article well and click the ‘Publish post’ icon. You can also edit your posts. Use hyperlinks to improve your posts. You can also include different images and videos related to your content.

    Joining WordPress Community:

    Search for professional bloggers on See their posts, interact with them and ask them about any query. In short, just keep in search of some creative ideas.

    Success rate:

    Keep an eye on your success rate which will help you to motivate. Use social media to make your blog popular.

    So, start form today to explore your blogging skills through It will surely help you in becoming a successful blogger.

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