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    10 Important YouTube Analytics Facts That Can Maximum Your Channel Growth

    Some YouTube marketers choose healthy metrics for their channel’s growth, where they can track lots of factors—going deep down into the marketing campaigns that help produce the eye-catching percentage, which is more revealing than others.

    Understanding the different YouTube analytics and their simple graphs and numbers help make impactful decisions that massively improve your videos and enhance your channel’s growth.

    That’s why in this guide, we have comprised the ten most important YouTube analytics facts which help to optimize the channel growth.

    1. Get to know about Watch Time:

    Watch time is defined as the total estimated minutes that every person who spends time viewing their video. The video’s watch time helps to measure and analyze the performance of the channel or video.

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    YouTube has no deniable fact that video views are the primary metrics to track the video’s success. Every YouTuber needs to think about the view count, which makes perfect sense; when the view counts estimation with a low rate, the video is not that interesting to watch until the end.

    Thus, watch time serves as the main driving element, which is working behind the YouTube algorithm. Additionally, this is not only for every individual video that ranks based on their watch time but also for the entire YouTube channel. However, YouTube has the primary keymetric to receive YouTube likes for potential results to drive every YouTube channel and video with a higher rate of watch times that works well for their channel’s growth.

    2. Inspect your Audience Retention:

    Do you want to make your viewers spend an enormous time watching your videos? Fine! Then it would be best if you analyzed how well your videos stay closer to the people’s attention. 

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    How to check audience retention?

    Audience retention lets you check the quality of your views. Here, YouTube’s viewer’s retention report reveals that there will be two charts, the relative retention curve and the absolute retention curve. It would also be best to find out what has caused the audience to leave and reduce the mistake in your future videos.

    Audience retention helps to reveal the percentage of the audience who watch and go ways from your channel single moment of the video. YouTube allows for pitching up the higher audience retention on suggestions and search rankings, which efficiently grabs the viewers’ attention. You can even include CTA(call to action) in the format of YouTube cards earlier to maximize massive leads before the audience clicks away.

    3. Work for Real-time report:

    In the early days, YouTube obscured the number of people tuned inside, but today the long-awaited feature of real-time is applauded by the publishers and their communities.

    The real-time report lets you estimate your videos’ views immediately after you release them, where you can view the videos from the last 48 hours and then last 60 minutes over your channel or for the particular videos.

    These YouTube metrics help rediscover the spike in your traffic and then relate them to the current events.

    4. Know your Traffic sources:

    External factors like websites or social media can help attach your videos, YouTube referrals like search, the homepage, and the recommended sections are all the traffic sources. Here, a report shows how the audience finds your videos and what sources rack up the most views and watch time.

    Initially, understand where most traffic comes from; then, you can reduce the low-level traffic resources and reach the audience with the top traffic audience by working.  Click on the graph to check more information.

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    When you find the incredibly strong traffic sources, this serves as a fantastic chance to boost your views by assigning more time and resources.

    5. How do Impressions connect with Watch time?

    Impressions click-through rate estimates your video’s capability to ask the viewers to watch your video after checking it on their homepage, trending section, and recommendation section. A higher click-through rate means it has a compelling title and your video’s subject replicates with many relevant audiences.

    The general features of impressions connect with the click-through rate means it goes spiking instantly after posting your video. All your followers will be able to check the video at the top of their home page, and possibly they would click on the video.

    As a result, the high click-through rate known to the audience, leaving right at the beginning of the video, thumbnail, or title should be misleading.

    6. Number of Re-watches:

    Here, YouTube analytic has re-watches; it exists as the total number of times whose audience’s re-watches for some part of the video. If the audience tends to re-watch the videos, they are interested in the subject.  These subjects can support you in the future video strategy.

    7. Benefits of Card Click-Through rates:

    YouTube cards are slide-in panels that motivate the audience to make an exciting action while a video is similar to watch time, click through for the different websites, or subscribe to a channel.

    Every card of click-through rate describes your action your audience chooses to perform while watching your videos. It helps you place the most engaging card for every video that potentially boosts your watch time, website traffic, or followers’ growth. 

    8. Check your cards Click-through rates:

    YouTube cards are the customizable in-videos panels where you can employ to motivate the audience to make the desired activity. These are available for the videos, polls, playlists, promote and link to another channel.

    YouTube analytics permits you to view every card’s click-through rate. Moreover, it helps to find which CTA’s replicate the most number of followers. Also, try to consider working with high and better-performing CTA’s for future videos.

    9. Arrange Your playlist engagement factor:

    Playlists are the perfect method to order your videos in a sorted manner. It supports your audience to quickly check the videos about their favorite subjects and ask them to keep watching, which arranges up watch time for your channel.

    Here, the playlist report says that viewer per every playlist begins and the average time of playlist. Views per every playlist are the total number of video views for your playlists that gathered, and the full time in the playlist is the total number of times that every audience checked the video for the playlist.

    10. Analyze Your Dislikes and Likes:

    Both likes and dislikes implement a fast method to assess the audience’s feedback within time. Moreover, everyone wants to reduce their dislike, yet remember that they are required.

    It’s always important to view them relevant to the number of likes for your videos you receive. Thus getting likes and dislikes is a beneficial and practical technique.

    The best way to study potential issues is to check the comments. Make a perfect analysis of getting enormous dislikes, then prompt yourself with the following:

    1. Do my title and thumbnail accurately recognize my video?
    2. Does content relevancy focus my target audience?
    3. Does the YouTube video have less production quality?

    Is the audience not accepting of what has been discussed in the video?

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