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    10 Visually Pleasing & Astonishing Android Wallpapers

    Wallpapers are required for a much improved and interesting experience with your Android smart phones. There are just too many Wallpaper apps and options to download presently that it often gets over bearing and overwhelming for the users to make up their mind. If you have decided against the entire idea of getting wallpaper and have settled down for the one default option, WAKE UP! It’s time to take the matters in your own hand and get your much adored android device the look and the feel that it deserved. Below, we have short listed 10 different amazing android wallpapers and have sorted them as per the categories for you too. We are sure you would find suitable wallpaper for your device, just continue reading:

    Space and Sports

    Follow through the list of 3 amazing wallpapers that aims to bring Star Trek, ET and the Fast and the Furious to your home screen.

    1.Space Colony

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    Space Colony provides you an easy access to first ever human colonies to exist in space. You have an option of 5 different cities, one out of which you can select and see how it would look. Also, the space colony has toxic aura in its vicinity, which can easily change the color and the magnetism of the Aura. Over the horizon, you can easily find big spaceships transporting various colonists and cargos. The wallpaper which is available just for $1.99 is a must have, especially if you have always had a thing for space travel, Star Trek, or the ET etc.

    2.Space Live Wallpaper Pro

    And now, if the space colonies are not enough for you, then how about a tour to Mars via your Android phone, at a meager sum of just $1.29? Also on the itinerary are Venus, Orion Nebula, Earth and other myriad cosmic bodies. Get this wallpaper, and you will never grow bored of staring at your phone screen.

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    3.Racing Car – Live

    If you miss Need for speed and Fast Furious and other car racing stuff, it is your chance to carry that with you anywhere that you go, with this amazing and full features Live Racing Car software. The wallpaper actually gives you the feel of standing there, on a real life racing track, while holding a camera in your hand. Besides, the animations are improved by the lens flare effects and hence you get even more riveting features than what you may possibly imagine.

    Nature Inspired

    Feeling warm and gooey in your heart? Follow through these adorable and nature inspired apps.

    1.Plasticine Spring flowers

    Now get the beauty and pleasures of a warm and bright spring day on your phone, with Plasticine Spring flowers, a wallpaper which is available at a mere amount of $1.35. The theme includes bees, butterflies, dragon flies, caterpillars and a lot more.

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    2.Plasticine Farm

    Feed you animal lover instinct. Get a complete pasticine farm at your Android screen, and look at those cute creatures at every chance that you get. Mind you, the farm also has a tractor and a lot more fun elements. Go and get the wallpaper at $1.35.

    3.Under the sea

    A free of cost Android wallpaper, Under the Sea takes it inspiration from the water element of the nature, and gives you an impression as if you are down under the sea bed. Opt for this wallpaper to experience the calmness of the sea, and the blurred sunrays.

    Rich and effective wall papers

    Each of the following 4 wallpapers brings something new to the table and aims to redefine your user experience, when it comes to Android screens.

    1.3D Parallax Background

    The 3D Parallax background renders a complete in depth feeling to your phone’s background. Unlike other 3D wallpapers which one move the background, this particular wallpaper actually takes into account the rotation and the movement and hence provides a much improved user experience. The wallpaper is available for download, for a meager sum of $1.49.

    2.Blow Them All

    And now, a surprise! Blow them all, one of the most amazing and interactive Android wallpaper is available free of cost. The wallpaper also allows you to stay competitive with your friends and interact with them all via the leader board. Also, the app brings you all the achievements under one roof.

    3.Nexus Triangles

    A premium wallpaper, available at a mere amount of $0.99, aims to better the default Jelly Bean wallpaper of Android 4.2. The wallpaper brings about a rich range of customized color themes, sizes and settings. The wallpaper is dynamically changes, each time you turn the device – hence adding an element of freshness and surprise.

    4.3D Home

    Yet another free of cost Android Wallpaper, 3D Home provides the most exclusive and a never seen before experience. A lot of us do not expect much, when it comes to our Android desktops, but the app totally redefines and sort of revolutionizes the experience that the Android screens are capable of providing us. The launcher screen of the app is thoroughly customizable and gives a brand new identity to the home screen of your phone.


    That’s all from our side. Let’s share your thoughts and opinions about these wallpapers in the comments section below.


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