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    12 World’s Largest Advertisements

    Advertisement plays an important role to promote products to customers. If the ads is in the right spot, on the right sight, and on the largest space, they possibly will earn the biggest popularity. By featuring the world’s largest advertisements, surely they will grab our attention and proved the effectiveness of large advertising. Let see where we can find these large advertisements.

    Transformers movie ads on Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

    Swissair giant crop at Munich Airport out of Spring Barley

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    Sorouh Real Estate Ads on Dubai International Airport

    Nationwide Insurance paint ads at Columbus, U.S

    Nokia signpost next to London Bridge

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    [youtube a7rrpwAQVLs 615 360]


    Michael Jackson’s Album cover in a field close to Heathrow Airport, London

    Kentucky Fried Chicken logo in the desert, Nevada

    [youtube fsH4gws35ro 615 360]


    Gillette shave of Roger Federer’s face at Wimbledon, UK

    [youtube ynmKBFLmVWM 615 360]


    Eco-friendly largest billboard in Dubai

    Coca-Cola logo in the desert of Northern Chile

    Euro 2008 football ads in Vienna

    [youtube byRocC_h5lA 615 360]

    Audi Japan: World’s Biggest QR Code Ad

    [youtube 64in_yApB2Q 615 360]
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