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    15 Skills That You Make You A Proficient TikToker

    TikTok is the best video-based social media application, with more than 1 billion downloads. Byte dance has just announced that it has more than 1.5 million downloads. TikTok is the best place for posting videos for engaging the videos using music with lip-synching. 

    Become a Successful TikToker:

    1.Being Creative 

    The successful TikToker has to think creatively compared to its competitor and make the video viral on TikTok.

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    2. Creating Trends 

    The successful TikToker will create some challenges or participate in the trend. Many TikToker chooses the most trending trend and has the chance to win the ‘ForYou page.’ 

    3. LiveStreaming 

    TikTok uses live streaming as a powerful tool for TikTokers and uses it properly where TikTok live works a lot with the interaction with the customers and connects directly with the TikTokers and helps in increasing the followers and viewers for your profile. 

    4. Editing the videos 

     Editing the videos will be easy, you think, but you need to create videos with professional editing skills that will make the attraction to the customer.

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    5. Filming Videos Outside 

    Many TikTokers noticed and said that filming the video outside will be the best place for reaching the audience. The research noted that videos filming out are more engaged when compared to filming video inside.

    6. Just don’t Lip Sync

    Just posting the video with lip-synching will not only help the videos engaged and reach. You need to create highly engaging content, which maybe makes a huddle with negative comments. 

    7. Creating SuspensionFor Videos 

    You need to create a video with the suspense after the first few seconds users will decide whether to continue watching the video and increasing the user’s attention. 

    8. Focus on Funny Video

    Creating Funny videos gets more engagement when compared to other videos. You can follow the hashtags that comedic, which will be more popular, which jumps on jokes, build likes for TikTok videos

    9. Sharing Videos On Social Media 

    Most of the followers on TikTok follow the TikTokers on their other platforms. If you create funny videos or engaging videos, you can share it with other social media platforms and share them on social media platforms. The best way is to add links to the description and add links in the profile visible to others. 

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    10. Commenting On Other Popular videos 

    Follow the creators who are succeeding as influencers and TikTok creators. Comment on the popular influencers’ videos—TikTok comments, which will be more visible than any other comments. You can comment on which should be relatable to the video. It doesn’t mean that the comments should be a funny one. 

    11.Collaborate With Influencers With Large Fanbase 

    The best and easy option to get noticed by others is to make notice from other influencer audiences and make the tag in the video. Make other friends know that you’re trying to increase the audience to share the videos on their profile.

    12. Using Hashtags To Make The Content Noticeable 

    If you’re using the popular singer’s songs on the video, you can use the singers’ hashtags. For instance, if you’re using Justin Bieber songs, you can use #justinbieber, #bieber, and use it as the title. 

    13. Use Popular songs and pair with trending hashtags 

    Using the “Trending tab,” you can choose the popular hashtags associated with the songs you select. This is not a proper way, but it is the best way to ensure many users can see the videos using the TikTok platform. 

    14. Create content For Your Channel 

    There are many Youtube channels which help in TikTok funny videos and post them on the track. This is the best way to make others recognizable on TikTok.

    15. Create Attractive Videos 

    People usually spend based on the category and search depending upon the video from one another. It would help if you created enough to create videos and create the identity which makes it withstand the video quality. Some influencers are lazy and create videos that are without good quality. Some don’t reach because of the environment. They shoot the video, costume, and hairstyles. 

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    Anne Joseph
    Anne Joseph
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