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    250 Complete List of Ping/Update Services

    Ping update services allow us to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that our blog has been updated. The bigger the ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources. However there are limitations of how many times we can ping those services, otherwise it will end up marking our blog as spam for excessively pinging.

    According to WordPress Codex@Update Services:

    [nice_info] “Ping/Update Services allows to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated (maybe from editing or publishing). Use more Ping/Update list you have, maybe there will be lots of chances to receive or get traffic from those sources as well as from search engines” [/nice_info]

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    [nice_info]Excessive pinging can make our blog marked up as spam site, and there is a wordpress plugins that can avoid such thing, one called MaxBlogPress ping Optimizer. Check it out. [/nice_info]

    Basically WordPress users can modify their ping list on the Settings -> Writing. Down the page will have “Update Services”. Keep these list in the field and click “Save Changes”.

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    Download complete list here

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    1. Thank you for this list. I have been manually going to each aggregator trying to create a list and here it is. I have now found enough that i’m ready to stop waisting time with google 🙂
      My site using it is

    2. thank you so much for the list admin. is this helpful as past of SEO. This will send update that will cause good traffic, which is good. The bad thing might be your ranking on top page. Google and some search engine will bring your site down or might cause for you to get sandbox. That was my experience to some of my sites. Hope you don’t get the same reaction on pinger list. But anyway, your awesome. Just delete some copy from the list, you type it double. 


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