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    3 Steps That Web Hosts Must Follow in 2014

    Those days are gone when disk space and bandwidth used to be the only deciding factors for choosing a web hosting service. Now as a web hosting company you must offer a variety of features technical aspects to your hosing clients. While offering a variety of aspects like scalability, tech specialties, email features, technical support, state of the hardware, user friendly interface and storage, price and bandwidth advantages are important to stay competitive and appealing with the offered hosting service, a consistent focus on social platforms and offering a blogging platform is equally important. Here we introduce these three steps that web hosts must follow in 2014.

    1.      Get social

    If you cannot get social you have no right to demand more prominence on search ranks and traffic – that is almost a rule now for all business ventures on web and for a web hosting company it is more serious issue. Since popularity and demand of web hosting service requires strong customer validation and positive feedback besides the technical brilliance, you cannot get noticed quickly without leveraging a strong social media presence and that’s a well acclaimed fact. All major search engines are particularly demanding on the social media presence and follower base and so to influence search ranks a business optimized regular social media activity is a prerequisite. Here are some of the easy ways to get social in an effective manner.

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    • Update your posts regularly with latest happenings and contextual things to share
    • Make your social media page lucrative with offers, coupons, giveaways, etc.
    • Optimize your social media profiles and posts with variety of business optimized contents
    • Make use of social blogging and media sharing platforms like Twitter, Dig, Pinterest, Facebook etc.


    • 2.    Make your offerings variable

    Variety of the package to make your hosting service appealing to all categories of web clients is really crucial for your business to get quick growth. To sale the available server space for big businesses it may take considerable time and marketing maneuvers and on the other hand selling your space to small web ventures often involve less complexities but obviously they do not offer profitability to that extent compared to big deals. Now think of a situation where you cater to both types of clients with a variety of package. Yes, that is the best way to stay competitive, profitable and finding growth. Make variety of packages with different price tags for different level of clients with diverse requirements. From a personal blogger to a local business website to professional dental clinic’s website to a large ecommerce site, you should have variable package for all types of hosting requirements like this. These are the elements to make variable package for different clients.

    • Variety of storage space and bandwidth
    • Variety of hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.
    • Variety in scalable and customizable features
    • Variable strength of support for different clients
    • Packaging customized plans with different elements at variable price
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    3.    Implement blogging  

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    For today’s web hosting ventures to stay competitive and search engine optimized for more organic traffic, blogging is a crucial tool. Blogging can be the informal means of sharing your views on a topic but when utilized for business it can influence search engine ranks with targeted keywords and fetch regular web traffic to the site on account of some informative blogs. Implementing blogging as a business activity a hosting service can augment the number of business queries many times. Here are some of the crucial aspects that you must consider in respect of implementing business optimized blogging.

    • Research and target a set of popular, business specific yet less contested keywords
    • Make blog content as informative and structured as possible Use small paragraphs, marked up points, sections, graphs and other representation features and media
    • Take advantage of guest blogging to reputed sites corresponding to the topic or hosting business
    • Let guest bloggers contribute to your site regularly
    • Make all White Hat SEO techniques your forte in blogging, not your constraints.
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