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    4 e-Commerce Design Trends Set To Boom For 2021

    Our needs to shop online are continuously changing, which makes it no surprise that e-commerce brands are twiddling their thumbs to evolve to the users needs. They need to find innovative ways to attract the user to their online store, particularly as we’ve seen a massive growth in online shopping as people stay at home. Considering this, it’s important to understand what trends are developing in the year of 2021.

    The trends for e-commerce are set to grasp technological developments as well as new creative marketing techniques to embrace personalisation and better user experience.

    Here is a list of e-commerce design trends that are expecting to make a leap in 2021 and what you should expect from your online shopping experience this year.

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    Branded Delivery Boxes

    Branding provides the heart and soul of your business. It’s easily recognisable and distinguishes you from the rest of your competitors. This is why you should take advantage of any opportunity to publish your brand. It’s always important to utilise product packaging for your branding but recent developments of how people shop has increased that opportunity further.

    Shipping boxes for online retailers and subscription services is the perfect way to market your brand, just to make sure the company sticks. Considering the size of the boxes, it’s also a perfect chance to advertise offers, promote social media and echo special features. Whether you’re using a branding agency or take control of your own branding, be sure to make the most of every opportunity to promote your brand.

    Social Media Posts Accessible for Shopping

    Social media platforms have grasped the growing concept of brands wanting to entice customers to their website/products shown on brand accounts. Similarly, it improves the experience of the user if they’re able to view products efficiently. The introduction of product selling in social media posts has helped to achieve this.

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    By providing methods for users to hardly lift a finger when wanting to complete a transaction, it creates shortcuts for customers and increases sales for brands. Social media platforms are set up perfectly for e-commerce stores, with brands making the most of what the platforms are offering.

    AI Chatbots

    Chatbots have been introduced for many businesses in recent years. In 2020, due to their revolutionary introduction from a few years ago, businesses are likely to take advantage of their capabilities and see them advance even further.

    Chatbots basic formats could sometimes provide an ineffective experience for the user. Now, they’re expected to take one step further as businesses look to master the AI technology and provide a seamless experience for their customers. Long gone will be the days when chatbots caused frustration and irritation.

    Motion Product Images

    A large aspect for increasing user experience, especially for clothing brands, is the use of motion for product images. In some cases, it can be hard for customers to determine whether what they’re looking at is suitable for them. The use of video, animation and microinteractions makes the experience more engaging for the user.

    In recent times, we’re seeing the use of motion design become far more common as industries and brands seek to grab the attention of their users.

    Final conclusions

    E-commerce is becoming a significantly increasing competitive market as more and more users shift their needs to shopping online and taking advantage of home delivery.  As such, the examples provided above are just some of the e-commerce design trends that are innovating the way shoppers are being attracted to brands and improving their relationships. As a result, we’re likely to see even more brands adopt the concepts as they try to stand out in an extremely overcrowded market.

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    Jamie Costello
    Jamie Costello
    Jamie Costello is a marketing and design freelance writer based in the UK. He uses his previous education and experience of working alongside several design agencies to help collate his articles. When he’s not writing, he likes to read and play sports.


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