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    5 Amazing Apps Anyone With A Bad Heart Should Take A Look At

    Anyone with a bad heart knows they need to be very careful because if something goes wrong with your ticker you don’t always get a second chance. The best way to look after your heart is to pay close attention to it, plus anything else that could cause something to go wrong. Here are a few apps I think you might like because they take care of lots of different things.

    Heart Failure Trials
    If you’re suffering from heart failure you’re not alone. Not only are there many people around the world going through the exact same thing as you, but there are also a huge number of scientists working day and night to come up with the cure that will save your life. Once you download the Heart Failure Trials app you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with all the trials that are going on at the moment. It might give you hope to know that plenty of people are thinking about you and trying to make you better.

    Instant Heart Rate
    If you have a bad heart it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. In fact, a little bit of exercise can be good for you and with your doctor’s permission you should definitely hit the gym, but when you’re on the treadmill you still want to know what your heart rate is at all times. This app is amazing because it will tell you what your heart rate is when you put your finger over the camera lens on the back of your phone. Now there is no way you’ll be able to overdue it when this app is on your phone.

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    Stress Check
    Lots of studies have proven what we’ve already known for a long time. There is definitely a link between stress levels and heart failure and it’s always within our best interests to live a stress-free life. Do you know how stressed you’re feeling at the moment? It’s hard to tell without a little help and the Stress Check app will let you know what your stress levels are by measuring your heart rate, but it will also help you to find out what causes your stress and how you can limit it.

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    Anyone could drop to the floor when they’re stuck in a lift after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, but what will they do when there is nobody around who knows CPR? Maybe they’ll get lucky and they will stay alive until an ambulance arrives, but that isn’t always going to happen. If you have PulsePoint on your phone it will use special technology to alert you if someone in the general vicinity is in need of CPR, so if you want the chance to save someone’s life you should definitely download it to your phone.

    Blood Pressure Tracker
    We’ve already talked about the link between stress and heart failure, but what about the link between high blood pressure and heart failure? If your numbers are reaching high levels it’s very important you keep an eye on them regularly to make sure they don’t get any worse. Once you enter your details into this app it will track everything for you over the weeks and months ahead. You can even send your results straight to your doctor because they will probably want to see them.

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    You can’t worry too much 
    Remember what we said about stress? You might have a bad heart, but the only thing you can do is look after it as best as possible. These apps will let you do that so I know you’ll find them useful. Try not to worry too much because everything always turns out alright in the end.

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