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    5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for 2021 (FREE + Paid)

    Do you want to build an online store? Are you looking for the finest WordPress eCommerce plugin? Then this blog will help you to choose the right eCommerce plugin for your online store. Most often, choosing the right eCommerce plugin is a devastating task for your business because it is a better platform that means more opportunities for the growth of your business.

    Hence, in this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 WordPress eCommerce plugins for 2021 that will be well-suited for your business to prosper ahead in the market segment. A wide variety of WordPress eCommerce plugins are available in the market segment. But not all of them have the right set of features for building a result-driven feature.

    For Instance, some eCommerce plugins are made to sell online products and goods such as eBooks, photos, music, and many more. The other relevant features are well-suited for selling physical products that are needed for shipment purposes. Running a drop-shipping business also requires an eCommerce platform that provides you better support for the drop-shipping purpose.

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    Your sole focus should be on what you will be selling and what features will be needed to run your online store effectively. Furthermore, the following are essential factors you need to consider for choosing an eCommerce platform.

    • Payment Solutions – You must provide an eCommerce plugin to support your recommended payment gateways, default, or through an extension.
    • Customization and Design – You must manage your store’s design in your customer’s first-hand interaction with your brand. Always consider that a wide range of templates and easy customization options are available in the market segment.
    • Integrations and Apps – Checkout integrations are available for third-party apps such as email marketing solutions, CRM software, accounting software, and many more. You will need such tools to manage and boost your eCommerce business effectively and precisely.
    • Support options – Always ensure that several support options are available in the marketplace.                                                                                                   

    Top 5 WordPress eCommerce Plugins

    Precisely, it’s a proven fact that WordPress eCommerce plugins can be easily integrated with an existing WordPress site. If you run a blog and seamlessly decide to sell eBooks or merchandise, you have the capabilities to get ahead. We have primarily looked at both fees and paid plugins that would be useful for WordPress users. Thus, let’s dive into discussing the following WordPress eCommerce plugins:

    1)  WP EasyPay

    WP EasyPay is a powerful and robust WordPress recurring donation plugin built to simplify your website’s acceptance of square payments. By using WP EasyPay, you can start receiving simple subscription and recurring donation payments instantly. You need to accept online credit card payments automatically while hiding the complex processes of setting up a shop management & cart system.

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    WP EasyPay allows users to collect fixed or custom amounts from your potential customers and eventually set up a multi-step form layout to showcase information in a well-structured manner.

    Remainder* Currently, API support for square card payment is only available for the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK.


    The following are certain features of the WP EasyPay that includes

    • Multi-Step Form
    • Modal/Pop-up form layout
    • Improved form builder
    • Improved single form layout
    • Subscription reports
    • Subscription Pause & Run functionality
    • Upload fields using drag & drop functionality
    • Date and time field with calendar
    • Tabular Products
    • Item Quantity-to-Price adjustment
    • SANDBOX OAuth Support
    • Transaction ID Tag
    • Exports Transaction Reports
    • Multiple Amount Layouts
    • Email Tags and Form
    • Types of Payment
    • Notification Email
    • Custom Thank you page

    2)  Easy Digital Downloads with Square

    Easy Digital Downloads is an all-inclusive eCommerce suite that enables you to sell digital products such as WordPress plugins, eBooks, Themes, PDF files, Photos, Videos, and relevant types of media files. EDD is a user-friendly plugin that provides designed cart elements.

    Square is the only payment gateway with a free online store feature that instantly connects to square payments. It helps over two million businesses to accept quick, reliable, and secure payments anywhere and anytime around the globe.

    Square Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce payment plugin that integrates easy digital downloads with a square payment gateway. It enables the customers to pay for and download digital products on your online eCommerce store that processes simple credit card payments and more.

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    The following are some of the features of EDD Square that includes:

    • Fully Functional Cart System – Enables customers to purchase multiple downloads simultaneously using the shopping cart system.
    • File Downloads – Allows customers to simply download their purchased files multiple times or restrict file downloads by a particular time or attempt.
    • File Access Control – All the product files are restricted only to authorized users or the paid customers.
    • Payment History – Showcases the payment history for all the digital products sold by the square account.
    • Download Activity Tracking – Easily tracks the date, time, and even IP address.

    3)  Pay With Square In Gravity Forms

    Pay with Square in Gravity forms is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that enables users to pay recurring or upfront square payments through gravity forms. This plugin combines two payment plugins, i.e., The Square plugin for gravity forms is used for simple payments, and the square recurring plugin for gravity forms is used for recurring payments.

    It allows users to quickly pay their simple or recurring (automatic payments) and save their credit card information for future use via the ‘Save Card on File’ functionality. It simply connects different square accounts to each gravity form and gets notified after each successful transaction.


    Some of the features of pay with a square in gravity forms are:

    • Simple Payment with Square
    • Recurring Payment with Square
    • Integrated Google Pay
    • Email Notifications.
    • Send Transaction Notes
    • Card Authorization
    • Card On File
    • Create Multiple Forms via Multiple Square Accounts
    • Support sandbox for a test run
    • Synchronizes Order
    • Payment Refund
    • Item Sales Reporting in Square
    • Secure Payment Transactions.
    • Forced SCA Testing
    • Improved UI/UX
    • Conditional Logic

    4)  BigCommerce for WordPress

    BigCommerce for WordPress is an integrated addon that connects BigCommerce to WordPress, and this plugin enables you to scale the eCommerce process to the next level. Leveraging your business using WordPress on the front-end screen and free-up server resources from multiple aspects such as managing catalog, payment processing, logistics management fulfillment, and more via integrating BigCommerce as a back-end interface.

    This plugin is built to integrate easily with WordPress. You can easily get accessibility to our pre-built eCommerce features from an individual plugin that provides the ability to sell across various channels and market segments from a particular location. An embedded checkout exposure takes on the customer’s PCI compliance and security metrics on behalf of the user.


    The following are some of the features of BigCommerce for WooCommerce that include:

    • Customize Your Shopping Experience
    • Manage Multiple Sites From One Control Panel
    • Obtain the benefits of headless with the plugin ease
    • Helps users to handle PCI compliance
    • Keep your site speed fast
    • Simplify and streamline the catalog management

    5)  WP Shopify Premium Plugin

    WP Shopify Premium Plugin comes integrated with multiple options, It is not associated with the free WP Shopify plugin, and its id is developed by multiple developers.

    This plugin simply integrates your Shopify store with WordPress using the API to grasp your Shopify products and collections over to your WordPress website and showcases them, especially on your store. Furthermore, it also features a similar-page checkout system and shortcodes that enable you to embed products on any page of your website simply.


    • Synchronizes products and collections as native WordPress posts.
    • Synchronizes Templates
    • No iFrames
    • More than 100+ actions and filters enable you to customize any aspect of the storefront.
    • Highlights your products via custom pages and shortcodes
    • Pre-built cart experience using Shopify’s Buy Button
    • Supports SEO Optimization
    • Advanced access to your Shopify data saved in custom database tables


    Significantly, the plugins mentioned above provide the maximum insights, flexibility, and features that facilitate potential consumers to benefit from these plugins. Hence, selling your products and services requires a keen consideration regarding the plugins discussed in this blog to promote your brand identity to the next level.

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